Current Postgraduate Researchers

Monash Sociology has the pleasure of welcoming postgraduate researchers joining us throughout the year and farewelling our graduates as they move into exciting careers. Our current postgraduate researchers are listed below.

Sophie Chandra

Sophie Chandra –

Research Interests: Multiculturalism, Race, Ethnicity, Racism, Critical Race Theory, Migration, Transnationalism.
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Vanessa Copa Torrez

Vanessa Copa Torrez –

Research Interests: Sustainable development, water management, urban water governance, urban sustainability, transitions theory, developing city contexts, indigenous knowledge.
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Erik Denison

Erik Denison –

Research Interests: Behavioural Science, Social Psychology, Sporting Culture, Sport Inclusion (Gender, Sexuality, Race), Prejudice Reduction, Sport Participation, Sport Industry, Sport Marketing.
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Erika Duncan-Horner

Erika Duncan-Horner –

Research Interests: Inequality, development, urbanisation, cultural ethnography, behaviour change, social psychology, social movements, water and sanitation, radical innovations, Asia.
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Francesco M. Gimelli

Francesco M. Gimelli –

Research Interests: Inequality, development, informality, urbanisation, urban planning, participation.
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Yen (Hoang) Ha

Yen (Hoang) Ha –

Research Interests: LGBT, youth, migration, inequalities, Vietnamese abroad, International students.
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Neeti Aryal Khanal

Neeti Aryal Khanal –

Research Interests: Gender, Sociology of health, Disability, Violence against women, Conflict.
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Lyubka Lazarova

Lyubka Lazarova –

Research Interests: Understanding the cultural-sensitive nature of human identity and its symbols. Volunteering context.
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Bernice Loh

Bernice Loh –

Research Interests: Girlhood; young femininities; adultification; Asia; culture.
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Jodie Long

Jodie Long –

Research Interests: Gender, education, marginalised, pregnant, parenting, connectedness, disconnected, adolescent, identity.
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Benjamin Lyall

Benjamin Lyall –

Research Interests: Wearable technology, social media, digital sociology.
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Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin –

Research Interests: Australian-born Chinese; hybridity; ethnicity; Chineseness; identity; groupism.
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An Nguyen

An Nguyen –

Research Interests: Disability, gender, family, sexual and reproductive health.
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Kien Nguyen

Kien Nguyen –

Research Interests: Disaster and climate change resilience, social capital, civil participation, community development, qualitative research.
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Wikke Novalia

Wikke Novalia –

Research Interests: Sustainability, urban transformation, agency, practice theory, institutional work.
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Kavindra Paranage

Kavindra Paranage –

Research Interests: Development, irrigation, regulation, ethnography.
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Gianluigi Rotondo

Gianluigi Rotondo –

Research Interests: Intercultural communication, refugees, asylum seekers, NGOs, Community-Based Organisations, resettlement, human rights.
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Erik Denison

Harry Tan –

Research Interests: Homelessness, addictions-related issues, ageing, marginal populations, ethnography, social justice.
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Tahmina Yasmin

Tahmina Yasmin –

Research Interests: Water governance, urban sustainability, adaptation pathways, developing countries, secondary city development.
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