Anna Halafoff, Sociology 2010

During my PhD candidature, I felt part of a vibrant research culture and highly supported by my supervisors, PSI’s  anna_halafoff-profile1academic and professional staff. I didn’t experience the sense of isolation that a lot of people speak about when recalling their PhD experiences. Instead, I felt valued and included as I worked on my thesis, and as a research assistant on a number of fascinating projects, which informed government policies and UN agencies on multiculturalism, religious diversity and countering violent extremism.

My supervisors also encouraged me to become involved in a number of high profile academic associations and to engage with the local and international community of sociologists of religion. Many of the PhD students I studied with are also involved in these associations and we continue to support one another as Early Career Researchers. I am very grateful to PSI, and particularly my supervisors, for the time that I spent as a PhD student at Monash University.

Research Fellow, Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University