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Sociology addresses changing social organisation and consequences for the life opportunities of individuals, families and groups. Sociologists examine class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability – among other forms of difference – to understand and explain how people’s lives are shaped and how they think and feel about themselves and the world around them. Monash Sociology staff lead on research in five domains:

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  • Carley Fraser, one of the 2015 Honours cohort in Sociology, was recently interviewed by ABC Radio Far North during the TASA conference held in Cairns from November 23-26. Her research, supervised by Dr Jonathan Smith and based on the Our Lives project, looked at body modifications including tattooing and piercing among young Queenslanders. Carley’s research also ... Read more
  • In this public lecture, renowned health sociologists, Alan Petersen and Alex Broom, will discuss the contemporary biopolitics of hope in connection with emerging technologies and recent turnings in public health policy in Australia and internationally. Drawing on his new book Hope in Health: The Socio-Politics of Optimism, Alan Petersen will highlight the significance of technological ... Read more
  • Sociology recently hosted the launch of the recent Palgrave Macmillan published book – International Students and Crime. The lead author, Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett, was the recipient of a four-year ARC Post-Doctoral Fellowship that underpinned the study, which was conducted across Australia, the UK and the U.S.  Professor Kim-Langfield-Smith, Vice-Provost (Academic Performance) at Monash University, officially ... Read more
  • Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett presented her work on international students and crime at the College and University Police Investigators Conference in Virginia, Washington USA, August 2015.  Her presentation session formed part of the accredited training for Virginia Law Enforcement Officers. International student safety and security is becoming an increasing issue of concern in the US and ... Read more
  • A new book by Alan Petersen, recently published by Palgrave. “The language of hope permeates contemporary health and healthcare. It is believed that patients who are hopeful are more likely to recover, and health professionals endeavour to ‘instil’ or ‘manage’ hope in patients. The rhetoric of hope is extensively employed in marketing medical tests, treatments and ... Read more
  • International Students and Crime by Helen Forbes-Mewett, Jude McCulloch and Chris Nylan was published this month by Palgrave Macmillan. The book, based on interviews with over a hundred and fifty key informers, analyses an issue of major international concern that impacts on lucrative international student markets, international relations, host countries’ reputations as tolerant and safe, as ... Read more
  • A new online resource supporting Australian families in early parenthood produced by The Health in Society Research Network (HiSNet) The Health in Society Research Network (HiSNet) is a unique, interdisciplinary research network based at the School of Social Sciences dedicated to understanding health and illness experiences in the social context. Under Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic’s leadership, ... Read more
  • Allegra Shermuly, who completed her Honours thesis in Sociology under the supervision of Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett in 2014, has been awarded the 2014 Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Honours in Sociology Award for Monash University. This award goes to the top Honours thesis in the discipline at each Australian university, and provides the student with a ... Read more
  • We are delighted to report on the successful conclusion of the first Interactive Futures conference at Monash University late last year. Jointly hosted by the Monash School of Social Sciences and the Griffith Centre for Cultural Research, the conference was dedicated to showcasing contemporary research on young people’s engagement with new modes of mediated communication, ... Read more
  • As part of our Sociology and Gender Research HDR programme, we had a lunchtime workshop for HDRs and interested staff on 22 October, 2014. The session was organised by Caroline Hart, Nicholas Hill and Kate Johnston-Ataata. Work-in-progress reports were presented by : Nicholas Hill – Managing Precarity: Ontological Anxiety and the Pursuit of Happiness (Hill – Slides) Sally Ka Wing Lo – State, Gender, Family ... Read more