• The School of Social Sciences (SoSS), led by Professor Sharon Pickering, now houses six Social Sciences ARC Future Fellows. This cluster success in the social sciences is not replicated at any other university in the country and is testament to the excellence, innovation and national relevance of social science research at Monash. Pictured are the Future Fellow Read more
  • A/Prof Suzanne Fraser, Prof Janice Wright, Dr JaneMaree Maher, Prof Alan Petersen Improving Australia’s response to childhood obesity: Prevention education and its impact on mothers and families Dr Terry Macdonald Building global political legitimacy: how can we make global institutions more stable, effective, and justified? Dr Mark Davis, Dr Niamh Stephenson, Prof Paul Flowers Using a biosocial Read more
  • The School of Social Sciences leads research on social and environmental transformations. It is distinguished by its capacity to attract nationally competitive grants, industry collaborations and HDR training. The following are the leading research themes for each of our Social Sciences discipline areas: Criminology Prisons and Penology Borders, Crime and Justice State Crime Gender and Crime Criminal Justice Reform Homicide and Violent Crime Criminology Read more