PSI Linkage grant success

Two PSI academics have been awarded ARC Linkage grants for 2014.  Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic will lead a team investigating options for supported decision-making to enhance the recovery of people with severe mental health problems. The project will examine the views of people with severe mental health problems, carers and mental health practitioners concerning appropriate supports for making treatment decisions. The project will produce an internet-based resource and training materials that explain supported decision-making and how it can contribute to the process of recovery.

Dr Amy Dobson is part of a team who will elucidate the increasing demand for genital cosmetic surgery among girls and women in Australia. The project will identify the psychosocial context of and public communication about the dramatic rise in female genital cosmetic surgery in Australia. Results will contribute to programs for sexuality and body image education, public health campaigns about normal genital diversity, and professional development for doctors and beauty therapists.