IR’s Dr Maria Rost Rublee presents to Engineers Australia Panel

Rublee-Engineers-Australia-Sydney-March-2016-2-e1459822572225Dr Maria Rost Rublee (International Relations) recently presented to the Engineers Australia Nuclear Engineering Panel on the 23rd of March.

Dr Rublee discussed nuclear politics in Australia and provided social sciences analysis on “Nuclear and the Social Conscience” to those who attended the Engineers Australiapresentation.


What does “nuclear” mean to Australians? This talk will focus on how the social construction of “nuclear” has shaped Australian policy about nuclear weapons, nuclear disarmament, and even nuclear energy. Now that nuclear commerce is on the agenda – with federal discussions of nuclear waste sites and South Australia pondering whether to ramp up its nuclear-related activity — it is more important than ever to be clear about the various meanings, emotions and ideas with which we have imbued the concept of “nuclear.”

In particular, Australia faces a serious choice about whether it will engage in nuclear-related activities that have the technical capacity to be used for military purposes. Nuclear decision-making in the next few years will not only create domestic economic and environmental impacts, but also have the potential of creating international diplomatic and reputational ripples.

About Dr Rublee:

Maria Rost Rublee is a international expert on global nuclear politics and a senior lecturer at Monash University.

An award-winning author, Dr. Rublee focuses on how concepts such as “power” and “security” are constructed in domestic and international debates about nuclear weapons. She has received grants from the United States Institute of Peace, the International Studies Association, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Asia:NZ Foundation, and the Japan Foundation.

Dr. Rublee is a frequent speaker at public, academic and governmental conferences. She is Vice Chair of the International Security Studies Section of the International Studies Association and a member of the international Fissile Material Working Group.