Honours in the School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences offers Honours as both a full time (1 year) and part time* (2 years) course in our five specialist programs. It involves in-depth coursework units combined with the completion of an individual research project supervised by an academic in your discipline.

The Honours course equips students with a level of research skills far beyond those acquired in studies for the pass degree. Furthermore, an Honours degree is a prerequisite for entry to postgraduate research degrees. It is also highly valued in the employment market as evidence of an applicant’s ability to undertake independent work and produce clearly written reports.

Even in fields unrelated to your specific Honours study, Honours is regarded as an indication of your capacity to analyse problems, conduct detailed research, understand concepts and communicate ideas and facts.

* Please note that most classes, and most supervision meetings, are held during business hours Monday to Friday. Off-campus enrolment is not available.

Closing dates for Honours applications in the School of Social Sciences

Semester 1 commencement – 31 October
Semester 2 commencement (Politics & International Relations only) – 30 June

Application forms, eligibility criteria and other information

For all administrative and enrolment inquiries about Honours, please contact the Faculty of Arts via Monash Connect.

Program Honours coordinators

If you would like to discuss the possibility of doing Honours in our School, please contact the relevant Discipline Honours Coordinator:

Anthropology: Dr Julian Millie, julian.millie@monash.edu

Behavioural Studies: Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc, ana-maria.bliuc@monash.edu

Criminology: Dr Claire Spivakovsky, claire.spivakovsky@monash.edu

Politics & International Relations: Dr Paul Muldoon, paul.muldoon@monash.edu

Sociology & Gender Studies: Dr Amy Shields Dobson, amy.dobson@monash.edu

Structure of the Honours Course

The Honours year is made up of 48 points: two 12 point coursework units, usually completed in the first semester, and one 24 point thesis unit, usually completed in the second semester. Part time candidates, or those taking a second semester elective, take the thesis unit over 2 semesters.

All Honours candidates in the School of Social Sciences enrol in the following compulsory units:

ATS4924 Social Sciences Honours Research Methodology (12 points)
For full-time candidates: ATS4230 Arts Honours Thesis (24 points)
For part-time candidates or those doing a Semester 2 elective: ATS4231 Arts Honours Thesis A (12 points) and ATS4232 Arts Honours Thesis B (12 points)

Plus one of the following 12-point units:

ATS4258 Theorising Cultures

Behavioural Studies:
Behavioural Studies Honours students may choose a relevant elective from those listed on this page.

Sociology & Gender Studies:
APG4681 Social Research Practice

ATS4699 Criminology and Criminal Justice for the 21st century

ATS4001 The Fall of Australian Prime Ministers
ATS4333 Australian National Government
ATS4843 Terrorism, fringe politics and extremist violence

Scholarships and Prizes

There are several scholarships available for Honours students in the Faculty of Arts. For further information about these and about how to apply, please see the Faculty Honours Scholarships Web Page.

The School of Social Sciences also awards prizes each year for our best Honours theses in each discipline.