Current and recently completed Australian Research Council funded research projects

  • A/Prof Suzanne Fraser, Prof Janice Wright, Dr JaneMaree Maher, Prof Alan Petersen
    Improving Australia’s response to childhood obesity: Prevention education and its impact on mothers and families
  • Dr Terry Macdonald
    Building global political legitimacy: how can we make global institutions more stable, effective, and justified?
  • Dr Mark Davis, Dr Niamh Stephenson, Prof Paul Flowers
    Using a biosocial approach to advance pandemic influenza control
  • Prof Sharon Pickering, Dr Leanne Weber, Dr Michael Grewcock, Dr Marie Segrave
    Exporting Risk: The Australian Deportation Project
  • A/Prof Anita Harris
    The Civic Life of Young Australian Muslims: Active Citizenship, Community Belonging and Social Inclusion

             Young People in the Multicultural City

  • Dr Dharmalingam Arunachalam, Dr Genevieve Heard
    Dynamics of childbearing in Australia in the first decade of the 21st Century
  • Prof Sharon Pickering, A/Prof Gail Mason, Prof Jude McCulloch, Dr JaneMaree Maher, Prof Lorraine Mazerolle, Dr Rebecca Wickes, Mr Jeffrey Pope, Mr Ashley Dickinson, Ms Leanne Sargent, Dr David Ballek
    Targeted crime: policing and social inclusion
  • Prof Jude McCulloch, Prof Mark Peel
    Justice For All : A History of the Victorian Community Legal Centre Movement
  • Dr Julian Millie
    Preaching Islam in Indonesia: Politics, Performers and Publics in Indonesia
  • Dr Jemma Purdey
    A study of the scholarship on Indonesia in Australia and its implications for foreign policy
  • Prof Marian Quartly, Prof Denise Cuthbert, Prof Shurlee Swain
    The search for family: A history of adoption in Australia
  • Dr Matt Tomlinson
    God, blood, country: An ethnographic study of Fijian Christian institutions
  • Dr Dean Wilson
    Closed Circuit Television Surveillance, Security Networks and Australian Public Space
  • Prof Greg Barton, Dr Peter Lentini, Dr Simon Moss, Dr Gaetano Ilardi
    Radicalisation, Counter-Radicalisation, and De-Radicalisation: Developing a New Understanding of Terrorism in the Australian Context
  • Dr Dean Wilson, Ashley Dickinson, Alan Kennedy
    The police role in victim and witness support: researching a best practice model for Victoria