Congratulations to our SoSS Honours Award Recipients

On Monday 8 December, the SoSS team held a morning tea to recognise the recipients of the 2014 Honours Dissertation Awards.


(L-R: Dr Asher Flynn, Dr Danielle Tyson, Duncan Wallace, Natasha Abrahams, Dr Paul Muldoon, Maddy Ulbrick, Amy Pfiefer, Allegra Schermuly, Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett & Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher)

The morning tea was attended by our five outstanding award winners and their very supportive and proud friends and family, alongside their supervisors, SoSS staff and HDR students. The discipline awards are presented to the students who attain the highest thesis result in their discipline. The SoSS honours award is presented to the student who attains the highest thesis result across the entire School. More information on the awards can be found here.

This year’s recipients included:

Anne Edwards Sociology Dissertation Award 2014

Natasha Abrahams (supervised by JaneMaree Maher) and Allegra Schermuly (supervised by Helen Forbes-Mewett)

Behavioural Studies Dissertation Prize 2014

Amy Pfeifer (supervised by Kerry O’Brien)

Criminology Dissertation Prize 2014

Madeleine Ulbrick (supervised by Danielle Tyson and Asher Flynn)

Rufus Davis Memorial Prize 2014

Duncan Wallace (supervised by Paul Muldoon and Michael Janover)

The SoSS Honours Dissertation Prize 2014

Duncan Wallace (supervised by Paul Muldoon and Michael Janover)

A big congratulation to Natasha, Allegra, Amy, Maddy and Duncan. We are incredibly proud of your achievements and success, and wish you all the very best for your future endeavours. Congratulations also to the staff involved in supervising these outstanding honours candidates.