Addressing sex worker rights and demand based approaches to anti-trafficking on an international scale

‘Reconciling sex workers rights within immigrant narratives’ and ‘Justifying gender violence: Demand based approaches in anti-trafficking’ were international conference presentations made recently BOb Graduate studentJulie Ham. Julie has been busy presenting her research findings at conferences in Canberra and Spain, and she is currently based in Vancouver where she has begun her Canadian fieldwork component. She has also just had a book chapter on trafficking and gender published.

Julie organised a panel titled “Korean sex workers in Australia” for the 8th biennial Korean Studies Association of Australasia conference in Canberra, 27-28 June 2013. Julie presented her paper “Reconciling sex workers rights within immigrant narratives”. Jules Kim from the Scarlet Alliance Australian Sex Workers Association presented “Peer-based research with Korean sex workers in Australia”.

In July, she presented “Justifying gender violence: Demand-based approaches in anti-trafficking” at theInternational Congress on Gender Violence: Intersectionalities, 10-12 July 2013, organised by the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law, in Spain. Julie’s presentation drew on her reports for our NGO partner, GAATW“Beyond borders: Exploring links between trafficking and gender” and “Moving beyond ‘supply and demand’ catchphrases”.

Julie’s book chapter on trafficking and gender is presented in the “Handbook of research on gender and economic life”, edited by Deborah M Figart and Tonia L Warnecke and published by Edward Elgar.

If you wish to contact Julie on in regards to any information on these presentations and publications. Visit her BOb profile page with contact details here.

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