• On Monday 8 December, the SoSS team held a morning tea to recognise the recipients of the 2014 Honours Dissertation Awards. (L-R: Dr Asher Flynn, Dr Danielle Tyson, Duncan Wallace, Natasha Abrahams, Dr Paul Muldoon, Maddy Ulbrick, Amy Pfiefer, Allegra Schermuly, Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett & Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher) The morning tea was attended by our five outstanding ... Read more
  • Victoria’s Premier-elect, Daniel Andrews, is yet another graduate of the Monash Politics program to be elected to a leadership role. Andrews completed a Politics major as part of the Bachelor of Arts at Monash, during which time he also benefited from our partnership with the Victorian Parliamentary Internship Scheme, undertaking an internship at the Victorian ... Read more
  • This month, Monash is hosting distinguished International Relations academic, Professor Ann Tickner. Professor Tickner said she has been greatly impressed by the conversation and academic rigour of colleagues here at Monash, the inclusion of feminism, gender perspectives and post-colonialism in the body of research Monash academics are undertaking. Professor Ann Tickner is a pioneer in bringing ... Read more
  • Greg Barton, Professor of Indonesian Studies and Director of the Centre for Islam and the Modern World, deliver an address at Monash University. He sets out the historical context for the rise and rapid expansion of the Islamic State and articulates some coherent optional answers to some of these questions. Listen to or watch this talk on the ... Read more