• Monash Criminology lecturer Dr Lennon Chang recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of cyber safety in Myanmar. The campaign involves six culturally relevant animated characters to be used in a series of videos and comics addressing different cyber security ideas for the general public on cyber safety topics including phishing, hacking, changing passwords, personal information protection, cyber bullying, hate speech and cyber stalking. Read more
  • BOb’s Associate Professor Leanne Weber delivered a keynote address ‘Counting and Accounting for Border Related Deaths’ to an international conference on ‘Border Deaths and Migration Policies’ at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam on 14 June. The event attracted border researchers from a range of academic disciplines, representatives of large international NGOs and intergovernmental organisations, and members of… Read more
  • In 2015, Dr Rogers and fellow researcher in the School of Social Sciences, Mr Alex Gunn led the project ‘Towards a Water Sensitive Elwood: a community vision and transition pathways’, funded by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. The project saw community members and local government participate in an engagement process to explore what a sustainable and water sensitive future could look like in Elwood. Read more
  • The Institute of Commonwealth Studies is pleased to announce the publication on April 30, 2018 of: We Mark Your Memory: Writings from the Descendants of Indenture Edited by David Dabydeen, Maria del Pilar Kaladeen, and Tina K. Ramnarine ISBN: 978-1-912250-07-3 To mark the centenary of the abolition of the system of indenture in the British Empire… Read more
  • How did the Taliban come back so successfully from utter defeat? Prof. Farrell draws on the literatures on civil wars and on military adaptation, to identify and unpack of two sets of factors that explain relative success of insurgencies: first are the availability of social resources, and second are factors that drive and enable military adaptation. Read more
  • The Monash institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) and Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) are pleased to be hosting an interdisciplinary Symposium in Neuroethics. Entitled, Ethics in Neurotechnological Innovation, the symposium will take place on Tuesday, 1 May 2018 from 1:00pm – 5:30pm at New Horizons, 20 Research Way, Level 4 Collaboration Lounge. Professor Judy Illes … Read more
  • The first in a new geography seminar series saw Gordon L. Clark, Professor and Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University, discuss how large scale investors make decisions about whether (or how) to invest billions in large-scale infrastructure, and included detailed recommendations on how policy makers can set incentives for them to invest in more sustainable infrastructure. Read more