Research Program 1: Population, Social Change & Life Course

Australia is experiencing significant social and demographic transformations. Research in this program is concerned with the drivers, nature, impact and challenges of such changes for individuals, groups and society at large. A key aim for this program is to better understand individuals’ experiences of social, demographic, and economic changes across the life course. To achieve this, we undertake analyses of current and future trends in education, health, workforce, partnering, family formation and housing careers.


Research Program 2: Infrastructure & Community

Research within this area aims to better understand individual and community needs, attitudes, experiences and behaviours with respect to major infrastructures, including housing, transport, water, health and recreational facilities, as well as information and communication networks (ICTs).  Key areas of research focus include: (1) the interrelated issues of housing un-affordability, housing stress, residential insecurity, and homelessness; (2) the demographic and spatial characteristics of access to, and reliance on, transportation, water, and ICT systems; (3) impacts and consequences of current and future infrastructure development on individuals, neighbourhoods, and communities, including within different vulnerable population subgroups. 


Research Program 3: Immigration and Social Cohesion 

Immigration is an increasing global phenomenon. The need to understand and manage cultural diversity and the associated social and economic impacts are crucial for social cohesion.  This research stream focuses on examining the experiences and attitudes of new and existing populations in terms of cultural diversity, social issues, and social cohesion. The exploration is driven by a variety of research methods.