Infrastructure and Community



Research within this area aims to better understand individual and community needs, attitudes, experiences and behaviours with respect to major infrastructures, including housing, transport, water, health and recreational facilities, as well as information and communication networks (ICTs).  Key areas of research focus include: (1) the interrelated issues of housing un-affordability, housing stress, residential insecurity, and homelessness; (2) the demographic and spatial characteristics of access to, and reliance on, transportation, water, and ICT systems; (3) impacts and consequences of current and future infrastructure development on individuals, neighbourhoods, and communities, including within different vulnerable population subgroups. 


Key Projects


Housing + Transport Affordability 

Youth Homelessness Research Study (City of Boroondara)

Homelessness in Echuca-Moama 

Social Futures & Life Pathways (‘Our Lives’): Waves 6 & 7 


Key Publications

Dean A, Fielding K, Lindsay J, Newton F and Ross H (2016) ‘How social capital influences community support for alternative water sourcesSustainable cities and society.

Berrington, A., Tammes, P. & Roberts, S. (2014) ‘Economic Precariousness and Living in the Parental Home in the UK‘. CPC working paper, University of Southampton.

Roberts, S. (2013).Youth studies, housing transitions and the ‘missing middle’: Time for a rethink?‘ Sociological Research Online, 18(3). 

Wickes, R., Britt, C. and Broidy L. (2016). ‘The resilience of neighborhood social processes: A case study of the 2011 Brisbane Flood‘. Social Science Research (online first). 

Hipp, J.R., Corcoran, J., Wickes, R., Li, T. (2014). ‘Examining the social porosity of environmental features on neighborhood sociability and attachment‘, PloS one 9(1), 1-13.


Jonathan Smith (Program Leader;

Jo Lindsay (Monash Infrastructure)
Lennon Chang
Rebecca Wickes
Dharma Arunachalam
Steven Roberts
Zlatko Skrbis
Meead Saberi (Institute for Transport Studies, Engineering)