• The Social Aesthetics research unit brings together academic and postgraduate researchers and professionals from the humanities, social sciences, creative arts and cultural industry sectors. People in our research unit are interested in the intersection between aesthetic research, cultural creativity, and social and economic life.

    The core of our research looks at aesthetics as an important aspect of all intellectual fields and human domains. Aesthetic agency, performance, materials, and forms are all key to understanding social behaviour. Our research binds creativity, imagination, dramaturgy, aesthetics, art, social action, politics, and economics. Social aesthetics incorporates various traditions of people and thinkers within the arts, humanities and social sciences.

    In a knowledge economy, our research also attracts academics and professionals in marketing, organisational studies, communications, leisure and arts management, and other applied fields.

    Our research situates itself in a world where knowledge, creativity, imagination and aesthetics have currency like never before; where solutions to complex problems, across domains and disciplines, are acclaimed for their beauty and aesthetic qualities.