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Message from SASAA President

Dear SASAA Member,

The South Asian Studies Association of Australia (SASAA) appreciates your support as a member and your personal contribution to South Asian studies. As an association we continue to provide active representation as the professional body for South Asianists in Australian Research Council policy development processes and by working with other Asian studies associations. As an association we have also sought to give voice to the need to build a vibrant culture of South Asia scholarship and when required we have made representations on behalf of our members – as was the case in 2016 at the Australian National University – that are affected by the unfortunate trend for restructuring in Australian Universities.

Some highlights of 2016 include:

  • SASAA again played a very active role in the Biennial Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference where there was a strong representation of South Asia panels and papers. Most especially, SASAA was delighted to be able to support two distinguished keynotes – Professor Ruby Lal and Professor Gyanendra Pandey- to present at the conference.
  • A SASAA event funding scheme (to fund an event scheduled for 2017 with only members eligible to apply) was launched and the award in this round will support the forthcoming event Encounters within and across South Asia.
  • The SASAA committee prepared a detailed submission to the Australian Research Council’s consultation process for developing a mechanism for assessing research quality and impact. SASAA will continue to monitor the process and ensure that South Asianists (and the various disciplines that comprise our membership) are not diminished or disadvantaged by these changes.
  • The quality and international recognition for our flagship journal South Asia is a source of great pride for the Association. In 2016 a social media editor has been appointed to maintain the very interesting and unique content and links on the Facebook page for the journal. Please visit the page at:

We will also contact you over the next year with regular news email updates and information about our initiatives and events. It is vital for the future of South Asian studies that we continue to retain and renew our membership. I do hope, therefore, that you will renew your membership for the forthcoming year. Please also encourage your colleagues to join and become part of our community of South Asian scholarship.

With best wishes for the New Year,

Dr Michael Gillan
President, South Asian Studies Association of Australia
1 December 2016