HDR in Literary Studies


Name Title Supervisor
Adrian Anderson PhD Dramatic anthroposophy: identification and contextualization of primary features of rudolf steiner’s ‘anthroposophy’, as expressed in his drama ‘The Portal of Initiation’ A/Prof Walter Veit
John Barrer PhD Reimagining Slovak national identity: media-based popular cultures 1993-2005 A/Prof Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
Nadia Castronuovo PhD Jews and other victims: ‘Jewishness’ as moral identity in Natalia Ginzburg’s works Dr Mirna Cicioni
Norman Chia PhD Fata Morgana – ‘Vater Morgana’: the ‘absent father’ and problems of identity formation in German-language ‘father-books’ after the third reich Prof David Roberts
Jeremy Dwyer PhD From mess-mend to the maafia: a history of Russian detectiv Dr Peter Lentini
Robert Irving PhD Narrating new China: Chen Dengke, Liu Qing and the politics of literary production (1949-1976) A/Prof Gloria Davies
Ursula Jansen PhD Eyes unaccustomed: the creative mind in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina and other prose works Dr Silke Hesse
Raffaele Lampugnani PhD Envisioning the Italian migrant experience down under: the socio-historical and cultural framing of Giorgio Mangiamele’s “minor” cinema
Guinevere Narraway PhD Making nature: visions of mastery in the Third Reich cinema A/Prof Catherine Rigby
Teresa Tufano PhD Renegotiating women in contemporary Italian cinema Dr Susanna Scarparo
Susan Walker PhD Reading Annabella (1965-1978): a case study in feminism, social change and Italian popular culture Prof Denise Cuthbert
Guanjun Wu PhD The great dragon fantasy: a Lacanian (psycho) analysis of contemporary Chinese thought A/Prof Gloria Davies
Lucy Cahill MA History’s Aside: A Study of Digressive Narrative Strategies in Historical Fictions by Italian Women Writers Dr Susanna Scarparo
Limin Chi MA Translation and Modernity in Late Qing China (1895-1911) A/Prof Gloria Davies
Tatiana Dekterev MA Representation of Stalinist themes and the recovery of cultural memory in the ‘novels of death’: The Keeper of Antiquities and The Faculty of Useless Knowledge by Yury Dombrovsky A/Prof Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
Emiliano Grasso MA The concept of community in selected plays by first and second generation Italian-Australian playwrights Dr Susanna Scarparo
Ellie Mackin MA The Initiation of Orestes in Aischylos’ Eumenides Dr Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides
Gaetana Pellegrini MA The construction of cultural identities amongst third generation Italians in Melbourne Dr Susanna Scarparo
Siobhan Privitera MA Marking the Boundaries: The Social configuration and Presentation of Female Monstrosity in Early Greek Poetry Dr Jane Griffiths
Mathias Stevenson MA The Afflictions of an Outsider Exploring the ‘Paradox of Selfhood’ in the Early Cinema of Nanni Moretti Dr Annamaria Pagliaro


Topic Supervisor(s)
PhD Fabrizio De André – connecting music, culture and society Susanna Scarparo / Rita Wilson
PhD La Parisenne: The History of a Cultural Figure Adrian Martin / Philip Anderson
PhD The Life and Poetics of Yury Dombrovsky through Archival Documents and Letters and in the Context of Russian Modernism Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
PhD The two sides of the coin: literary representations of mother/daughter relationship and identity in contemporary Italian narratives Susanna Scarparo / Rita Wilson
PhD The Figurality of Meaning:The Image in the Poetry of Vasko Popa and Charles Simic Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover / Marko Pavlyshyn
PhD Representing more than memory: the visual legacy of the Pol Pot regime Gloria Davies / David Chandler
PhD Narrative Structures in Serbian Postmodernism: the Disintegration and Dissemination of the Narrator Figure Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover / Annamaria Pagliaro
PhD Sounds of Subversion: Resistance, Meaning and Identity in Italian Reggae Susanna Scarparo / Graeme Smith
PhD Savouring ‘Oriental Beauty’: Materiality, agency and the senses in Taiwanese tea culture Gloria Davies / Brett Hough
PhD Italian Civilian Internment in Australia During WWII Raffaele Lampugnani / Hariz Halilovich
MA Shame and Desire in Dostoevsky’s Short Fiction Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
MA Spanish Women in Revolution and War: the Life and Times of Dolores Garcia Negrete Stewart King / Ramon Castellano
MA Cultural Memory and Family History in the Prose of Ludmilla Ulitskaya Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
MA (R&C) The Curious Case of Suite française Rita Wilson / Philip Anderson
MA The Myth of the Wolf in the Cultures of the Romans and the Early Mongolians Evangelina Anagnostou Laoutides
MA Desiring the Oriental ‘Other’ in the Persian Poems of Velimir Khlebnikov Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover / Maria Levchenko
MA The Place of Boris Akunin in the modern Russian cultural space. The construction of the ‘New Russian Hero’ (in “Turkish Gambit” and “State Counsellor” and their Movie Versions) Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover / Raffaele Lampugnani
MA Gombrowicz’s Fiction: A Structuralist Reading Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover