Monash University’s Faculty of Arts, which consists of Humanities, Social and Environmental Sciences, is a world class leader in several disciplines and a leading Faculty of Arts in Australia.

Four ‘problem-based’  strategic research priorities reflect cross cutting Faculty themes of cultural diversity, gender, governance, health and wellbeing, and ethics.

The Faculty has developed a research strategy that seeks to maintain this individual and disciplinary excellence while growing interdisciplinary collaborations and industry sources of research funding in four priority areas.


  • This research area promotes understandings of past, present and future cultural and social forces, and considers new and evolving forms of global citizenship. It includes investigation of normative concepts about human rights, ethics, aesthetics, examination of our use of reason and the epistemology of human inquiry. Read more
  • Sustainable Environments and Liveable Places harnesses understanding of the environment including climate and water, and societal systems, to improve sustainability and wellbeing in cities and rural communities. Research in this priority area relating to environmental change draws on disciplinary expertise in several areas: geography, communications and media studies, humanities, music and performance. Read more
  • Resilient People and Inclusive Societies is an integral part of ‘health and wellbeing’, designated by Monash as a leading research capability, and highlights the social and community contexts of health and wellbeing outcomes. It draws on disciplines such as sociology of health and mental health, ethics and bioethics, gender studies, religious studies, and criminology. Read more
  • Peace, Security and Borders research advances our understanding of the sources of conflict, violence and harm at local, national, regional and global levels. It will identify ways to improve Australia’s capacity to deliver national security and identify the means by which personal security in Australia will be safeguarded, considered in the context of global uncertainty Read more