Linkage Projects


Linkage Projects support collaborative research and development projects between higher education researchers and other parts of the national innovation system, which are undertaken to acquire new knowledge, and which involve risk or innovation.

Commencing in 2013

Options for supported decision-making to enhance the recovery of people with severe mental health problems
Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic (Political and Social Inquiry), Professor Bernadette McSherry, Professor Helen Herrman, Dr Lisa Brophy, Ms Merrilee Cox, Dr Rosemary Callander, Ms Emma Montgomery, Mr Lei Ning, Ms Elizabeth Crowther, Dr Margaret Grigg,

Partner Organisation(s)
Victorian Department of Health, Mind Australia, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria, Neami Limited, Victorian Mental Illness Council, Victorian Mental Health Carers Network

Commencing in 2012 (Round 2)

A history of press photography in Australia
Mr Michael Gawenda, Dr Sally Young, Dr Fay Anderson, Professor Kate Darian-Smith

Partner Organisations
National Libaray of Australia, Walkley Foundation

Resolving the geochemistry of coastal floodplain blackwaters
Professor Leigh Sullivan, Associate Professor Andrew Rose, Associate Professor Edward Burton, Associate Professor Scott Johnston, Dr Vanessa Wong, Professor Richard Bush, Mr Michael Wood
Partner Organisation
Richmond River County Council

Cyber-racism and community resilience
Professor Andrew Jakubowicz, Associate Professor Gail Mason, Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc, Dr Yin Paradies, Dr Nasya Bahfen, Professor Kevin Dunn, Ms Victoria Erlichster, Ms AllisonHenry

Partner Organisation(s)
Victorian Health Promotion FoundationAustralian Human Rights CommissionFederation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia

Commencing in 2012 (Round 1)

Exploring social innovations in urban water systems with a novel modelling approach
Professor Rebekah Brown
(Geography and Environmental Science), Professor Ana Deletic, Dr Johannes de Haan

Partner Organisation
Melbourne Water Corporation

Closing the gap on Indigenous birth registration
Dr Paula Gerber, Professor Lynette Russell (Monash Indigenous Centre), Associate Professor Cecily Freemantle, Ms Melissa Castan

Partner Organisations
Clayton Utz Solicitors, Equal Opportunity Commission, Hills Community Support Group, Plan International Australia, Tangentyere Council, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Cooperative

Financial dispossession: a history of Indigenous peoples and stolen wages in Victoria
Dr Andrew Gunstone
Applied Media and Social Sciences

Partner Organisations
Australian Services Union (Vic Authorities and Services Branch) , Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (Vic) , Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, National Tertiary Education Union, Public Interest Law Clearing House (Vic), Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency Cooperative, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Cooperative

Exposure to alcohol advertising and sponsorship in Australian televised sport: association with explicit and implicit alcohol cognitions and drinking
Dr Kerry O’Brien
(Political and Social Inquiry), Dr Peter Miller, Dr Dermot Lynott, Professor Robin Room, Mr Michael Livingston

Partner Organisations
Australian Drug Foundation, Victorian Department of Health