Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

The Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme provides funding for research infrastructure, equipment and facilities.

Commencing in 2014

Non-Monash Lead

Prof Julian Meyrick, Prof John Roddick, Prof Julie Hollege, Dr Jonathan Bollen, Prof Joanne Tompkins, Prof Veronica Kelly, A/Prof Maryrose Casey (English, Communications and Performance Studies), Ms Nanette Hassell, Dr Shona Erskine, Prof Rachel Fensham, A/Prof Peter Eckersall, A/Prof Denise Varney, Dr Gelnn D’Cruz, A/Prof Helena Grehan, Dr Gillian Arrighi, A/Prof David Watt, Dr Bree Hadley, Dr Sandra Gattenhof, Dr Margaret Hamilton, Dr Meg Mumford, Dr Bryoni Tresize, Prof Peta Tait, Dr Delyse Ryan, Ms Antoinetta Morgillo, Prof Frode Helland, Mr Christopher Smith, Mr Robert Brookman

AusStage Phase 5: Australian live performance and the world – global networks, national culture and aesthetic transmission

Commencing in 2013

Prof Jeffrey Walker; Prof Ana Deletic; Prof Jason Beringer (Geography and Environmental Science); A/Prof Steven Siems; Prof Steven Sherwood; Dr Matthew McCabe; Prof Andrew Western;  Prof William Moran;  Prof Douglas A Gray; Prof Martin Lambert

Mobile weather radar system for advanced environmental monitoring and modelling

High spatial and temporal resolution weather radar data on wind and precipitation will translate to significant environmental model advances. Australian researchers will undertake model validation studies on precipitation, dust storm, and flood prediction under a wider range of environmental conditions and in greater detail than currently possible.


Non-Monash Lead

The AustLit resource: supporting research in studies of Australian literary and narrative cultures

Ms Kerry Kilner; Prof David Carter; Prof Paul Eggert; Prof Wenche Ommundsen; Prof Philip Mead; Prof Kerry Mallan; A/Prof Kate Mallan;  A/Prof John Arnold (Journalism, Australian and Indigenous Studies) ;  Dr Peter Minter; Prof Leigh Dale;  Dr Kim Wilkins; Prof Van Ikin; Dr Elizabeth McMahon; Prof Joanne  Tompkins;  A/Prof Nicole Moore;  Mr Martin Borchert; Prof Thomas O’Regan; Dr Toby Burrows;  Dr Jakelin Troy;  A/Prof Antony Hughes-d’Aeth

AustLit traces the history of Australia’s engagement with the art of story by creating an innovative web-based environment where all aspects of literary history can be explored, analysed and shared. The 2013 program will broaden AustLit’s information base in areas ranging from contemporary multi-lingual publishing to publishing in the colonial era.

Integrated Greenhouse Gas Measurement System (IGMS) for monitoring agricultural emissions at field to regional scales

 Prof Deli Chen; Prof Andrew Western;  Prof Peter Grace;  Prof David Griffith;Dr Hoam Chung;  A/Prof Jorg Hacker; Dr Dongryeol Ryu; Dr Frances Phillips; A/Prof Richard Eckard;  Prof Jason Beringer (Geography and Environmental Science);  Dr Kithsiri Dassanayake; Dr Owen T Denmead.

Measurement of greenhouse gases is critical to Australia’s obligations to reduce carbon emissions. The measurement facility will provide urgently needed accurate emission data from Australian agriculture to establish emission baselines and develop methods to extend the point-scale measurements to whole farm, regional and national scales.