Future Fellowships

Future Fellowships promote research in areas of critical national importance by giving outstanding researchers incentives to conduct their research in Australia. The aim of Future Fellowships is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers.

Commencing in 2014

Professor Jacqui True (School of Social Sciences)
The Political Economy of Post-Conflict Violence Against Women

Dr Leanne Weber (School of Social Sciences)
Globalisation and the Policing of Internal Borders

Dr Julian Millie (School of Social Sciences)
Deliberation and Publicness in Indonesia’s Regional Islamic Spheres

Commencing in 2013

Associate Professor Brett Hutchins (English, Communications and Performance Studies)
The Mobile Media Moment: Investigating the Pivotal Role of Sport in Mobile Media Content, Markets and Technologies

Commencing in 2012

Dr Catherine Mills (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
A new understanding of responsibility in the ethics of human reproduction

Dr Alison Ross (English, Communications and Performance Studies)
Improving decision-making processes in complex environments

Commencing in 2011

Associate Professor Jason Beringer (Geography and Environmental Science)
Vulnerability of Australian savannas to climate change and variability

Dr Maryrose Casey (English, Communications and Performance Studies)
Performing Nations and Cultures: Rethinking Authenticity in the Performing Arts

Dr Clare Corbould (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Talking Slavery in the New Deal: Re-examining the Origins of American Social History

Associate Professor Christina Twomey (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Detention: The Humanitarian and Imperial Origins of Internment and Concentration Camps

Dr Sally Weller (Geography and Environmental Science)
Regional Dimensions of the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

Commencing in 2010

Dr Megan Cassidy-Welch (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
War and memory in European culture: a long perspective

Associate Professor Anita Harris (Political and Social Inquiry)
Young people and social inclusion in the multicultural city

Dr Jakob Hohwy (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
The human mind in prediction: conceptual, experimental and practical implications of the theory that the brain is a hypothesis-tester

Dr Nathalie Nguyen (Journalism and Australian Studies)
Forgotten histories: Vietnamese veterans in Australia

Professor Sharon Pickering (Political and Social Inquiry)
Policing the border: security, human rights and gender

Dr Rob Sparrow (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
A new ethics for the development and application of genetic technologies in a pluralist society

Commencing in 2009

Dr Jacqueline Broad
Mary Astell (1666 1731): An Historical Intellectual Role Model for Women in Philosophy