Discovery Projects

Discovery Projects support excellent basic and applied research by individuals and teams.  Successful projects expand Australia’s knowledge base and research capability, encourage research and research training in high-quality research environments, enhance international collaboration in research and foster the international competitiveness of Australian research.

Commencing in 2015

Monash Lead

Associate Professor Toby Handfield, Associate Professor Nathan Berg (School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Pathologies of moral cognition

Professor Justin O’Connor (School of Media, Film and Journalism)
Working the Field: Creative Graduates in Australia and China

Dr Katherine Ellinghaus (School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
The Burden of Freedom? Aboriginal Exemption Policies in Australia

Dr Anne McNevin, Dr Antje Missbach, Professor Deddy Mulyana (School of Social Sciences)
Understanding emerging strategies in regional migration governance

Associate Professor Colin Hope, Dr Gillian Bowen, Professor Iain Gardner (School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Seth, God of Confusion: the archaeology of a cult centre in Egypt

Professor Rebekah Brown, Dr Briony Ferguson, Professor Derk Loorbach (School of Social Sciences)
Facilitating the decline of unsustainable urban infrastructure

Commencing in 2014

Monash Lead

Prof Jenny Hocking (DORA) (Journalism, Australian and Indigenous Studies)
From Sarah Wills Howe to Thomas Wentworth Wills: An Australian Family Biography

Dr Jacqui Broad, A/Prof Karen Detlefsen, A/Prof Karen Green (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Women on liberty: from the early modern period to the enlightenment (1650-1800)

Prof Farzad Sharifian (Languages, Cultures and Linguistics)
Improving Communication with Aboriginal English Speakers: A Study of cultural conceptualisations in Aboriginal English

Prof Alan Petersen, Prof Christine Parker (Political and Social Inquiry)
A sociological analysis of the anti-ageing treatment market: the dynamics of expectations

Prof Sue Kossew, A/Prof Anne Brewster (English, Communications and Performance Studies)
Rethinking the Victim: Gendered Violence in Australian Women’s Writing

Dr Megan Cassidy-Welch, Dr Dolly MacKinnon (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Battlefields of memory: places of war and remembrance in medieval and early modern England and Scotland

Dr Michael Ure, Prof Keith Ansell-Pearson, Dr Matthew Sharpe (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Reinventing Philosophy as a Way of Life

Prof Kate Burridge, Prof Farzad Sharifian, Prof Keith Allan, Dr Reka Benczes (Languages, Cultures and Linguistics)
The Cultural Model of Ageing in Australian English

Fringe to Famous: Contemporary Australian Culture as an Innovation System
Dr Libby Porter, Dr Xuan Zhu, Prof Francisco Sabatini (Geography and Environmental Sciences)
Who owns the sustainable city? Urban redevelopment, sustainability and the politics of property rights in Australia, Brazil and Chile

Non-Faculty of Arts Lead

Dr Melissa Miles (MADA), Prof Robin Gerster (English, Communications and Performance Studies)
Pacific Exposures: Australian and Japanese Photographic Exchange Since the Late Nineteenth Century

Non-Monash Lead

Prof Simon Haberle, Em/Prof Arnold Kershaw,  Dr Simon Connor (Geography and Environmental Sciences),  Dr Willem van der Kaars,  A/Prof George Perry

Environmental Transformations linked to Early Human Occupation in Northern Australia

Commencing in 2013

Monash Lead

Professor James Walter (Political and Social Inquiry) (DORA)
The politics of decision: leadership and policy processes in historical perspective

Dr Bruno David (Geography and Environmental Science) (DORA)
Before, during and after Lapita: 5000 years of cultural continuity and transformation at Caution Bay, southern Papua New Guinea

Professor David Garrioch (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies) (DORA)
How fire remade the European city, from 1550 to 1850

Professor Constant Mews (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies) (DORA)
Encountering diversity: communities of learning, intellectual confrontations and transformations of religious thinking in Latin Europe, 1050-1350

Professor Jason Beringer (Geography and Environmental Science), Associate Professor Lindsay Hutley, Professor Qiang Yu, Dr Stanislaus Schymanski, Professor Steven Higgins, Dr Vanessa Haverd, Dr Youngryel Ryu, Dr Yingping Wang, Dr Mathew Williams
Australian savannah landscapes: past, present and future

Dr Jakob Hohwy (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies), Dr Peter Enticott, Professor Uta Frith
When should we stop trusting the senses? Perceptual decision making under ambiguity

Dr Benjamin MacQueen (Political and Social Enquiry)
Elections and enhancing political participation in Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq

Associate Professor Haripriya Rangan, Associate Professor Christian Kull (Geography and Environmental Science), Professor Charlie Shackleton, Mr Remesh Hari Krishnan
A weed by any other name? Comparing local knowledge and uses of environmental weeds around the Indian Ocean

Non-Monash Lead

Associate Professor Michael McDonnell,  Dr Clare Corbould (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies), Professor William Brundage
The revolution in Black American life: memory and history in the making of African America

Professor Adrian Little, Dr Mark McMillan, Dr Juliet Rogers, Dr Andrew Schaap, Professor Erik Doxtader, Dr Paul Muldoon (Political and Social Inquiry)
Resistance, recognition and reconciliation in Australia – lessons from the South Africa and Northern Ireland

Professor Frederick Teiwes, Dr Warren Sun (Languages, Cultures and Linguistics)
The political dynamics of Deng Xiaoping’s leadership of China, 1979-1992

Professor Ian Simmonds, Professor Nigel Tapper (Geography and Environmental Science)
Weekly cycles of atmospheric parameters over Australia and the quantification of human influences on climate

Commencing in 2012

Professor Bain Attwood (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
A History of the Pilbara Aboriginal strike as event, experience and myth

Associate Professor Dirk Baltzly (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
The republic of the demiurge: textual community and the commentary tradition in late antique Platonism

Professor Rebekah Brown, Professor Christopher Cocklin (Geography and Environmental Science) and Associate Professor Derk Loorbach
The actor and institutional dynamics in emerging socio-technical transitions

Dr Julie Kalman (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)
Historicising orientalism: the French, the Jews, and the modern world

Professor Margaret Kartomi (Music – Conservatorium), Associate Professor Manolete Mora, Associate Professor Cynthia Chou and Associate Professor Geoffrey Benjamin
The changing identity and sustainability of the music-cultures and worldviews of the Riau Islands’ sea nomads and sedentary Malays

Professor Andrew Milner (English, Communications and Performance Studies)
Locating science fiction

Dr Simone Murray (English, Communications and Performance Studies)
Performing authorship in the digital literary sphere

Professor Alan Petersen (Political and Social Inquiry) and Professor Steven Wainwright
High hopes, high risk? A sociological study of stem cell tourism

Commencing in 2011

Dr Dharmalingam Arunachalam and Dr Genevieve Heard (Political and Social Inquiry)
Dynamics of childbearing in Australia in the first decade of the twenty-first century

Dr Mark Davis (Political and Social Inquiry), Dr Niamh Stephenson and Professor Paul Flowers
Using a biosocial approach to advance pandemic influenza control

Dr Suzanne Fraser, Professor Janice Wright, Dr JaneMaree Maher and Professor Alan Petersen (Political and Social Inquiry)
Improving Australia’s response to childhood obesity: prevention education and its impact on mothers and families

Associate Professor Anita Harris (Political and Social Inquiry)
The civic life of young Australian Muslims: active citizenship, community belonging and social inclusion

Dr Peter Howard (Philosophical, Historical and International Studies)

Dr Terry Macdonald (Political and Social Inquiry)
Building global political legitimacy: how can we make global institutions more stable,
effective, and justified?

Professor Sharon Pickering, Dr Leanne Weber (Political and Social Inquiry), Dr Michael Grewcock and
Dr Marie Segrave (Political and Social Inquiry)
Exporting risk: the Australian deportation project

Professor Lynette Russell (Monash Indigenous Centre), Dr Leigh Boucher and Dr Gareth Knapman (Journalism, Australian and Indigenous Studies)
Victorian Ethnographers: collecting and contesting racial knowledge in the settler
colonial laboratory

Dr Beatrice Trefalt (Languages, Cultures and Linguistics), Professor Sandra Wilson and Professor Robert Cribb
Repatriation and release of Japanese war criminals 1946-1958: Southeast Asia, Japan and
the Great Powers