ARC 2013 Results

The ARC have released the results for last round!

Congratulations to all applicants whose research projects have been successfully funded in this round.

The success rate for Discovery Project applications in the Faculty of Arts was 32.25%, DECRA 11.8% and for FT 10%. Overall national success rates for these schemes were 19.9%, 13.6% and 16.29% respectively. In total the Faculty has attracted $4,555,394.00-compared with previous year $5,113,032.00

There were 10 successful Discovery applications, of which 1 was a successful DORA application:
    • Dr Jacqueline S Broad, A/Prof Karen Detlefsen, A/Prof Karen A Green – History and Philosophy of specific fields
    • Prof Farzad Sharifian – Linguistics
    • Prof Alan R Petersen, Prof Christine E Parker – Sociology

    • Prof Susan R Kossew, A/Prof Anne R Brewster – Literary Studies
    • Dr Megan E Cassidy-Welch, Dr Dolly MacKinnon – Historical Studies
    • Prof Jennifer J Hocking (DORA) – Historical Studies

    • Dr Michael V Ure, Prof Keith Ansell-Pearson, Dr Matthew J Sharpe – History and Philosophy of specific fields
    • Prof Kate Burridge, Prof Farzad Sharifian, Prof Keith Allan, Dr Reka Benczes – Linguistics

  • Dr Anthony  B Moore, A/Prof Mark N Gibson, Dr Chris McAuliffe – Cultural Studies
  • Dr Libby Porter, Dr Xuan Zhu, Prof Francisco Sabatini – Human Geography
In the extremely competitive DECRA competition there were 2 successful applications from our Faculty:
  • Dr Marie Segrave – Criminology
  • Dr Charlotte Greenhalgh – History
In the extremely competitive Future Fellowships final round there was 1 successful application from our Faculty:
  • A/Prof Brett Hutchins – Communication and Media Studies
In this round there were 17 DORAs awarded, 2 of which were awarded to Monash, and 1 of which has been awarded to our Faculty. Of the 17 awarded across the country only 5 were awarded in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
I would also like to acknowledge the success of a number of our colleagues involved in projects led by other institutions. To name but a few, our congratulations to; Dr Therese Davis, Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic, and Professor Jacqui True. There may well be other collaborations which we have not yet captured. Please do alert us if you have been successful in this funding round through an externally administered collaboration.