Top-Up Awards

Strategic top-up awards will be paid to a number of scholarship awardees in instalments upon successful confirmation of candidature and upon successful mid-candidature review, to encourage acceptance of scholarship offer and to continuation of candidature through to completion. Current Monash Higher Degree by Research students will not be eligible for top-ups.

Applicants eligible for top-ups will be identified at the end-of-year faculty scholarship ranking. A top-up of $4,000 for PhD candidates and $2,000 for master’s by research candidates will be allocated to a research fund and can be used to purchase approved items, including relevant books, equipment, conference travel and so forth that support the student’s research endeavours. The initial amount of $2,000 will be allocated upon successful  confirmation of candidature for PhD and master’s by research candidates and then $2,000 upon successful mid-candidature review for PhD candidates.

This award is in addition to the full range of grant schemes that we offer to research candidates, for which they are still eligible to apply.