The University of Warwick and Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Joint Award PhD Program

The University of Warwick is in the top 10 UK Universities for both teaching and research, and an Alliance between the Monash and Warwick was signed in 2011. This Alliance will allow both universities to meet the global challenges of the 21st century by accelerating the exchange of people, ideas and opportunities. A key aim is to produce graduates with a global education and undertake research that addresses world-relevant and strategically important issues.

The Monash-Warwick Alliance has many areas of ongoing research collaboration including Culture and Society. New areas of collaboration are still being developed and you are encouraged to visit the relevant Department/Faculty research pages to see specific areas of research strength and to identify a main supervisor at both the Faculty of Arts at Monash and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Warwick.

 Students on the Joint PhD will have simultaneous access to facilities and services at two internationally renowned institutions, and will be supported by a team of exceptional academics across the two institutions. Throughout the joint PhD, you can expect:

  • Supervision from a minimum of two internationally renowned scholars
  • Joint enrolment at two institutions with access to all facilities and resources available to local students
  • Access to professional and academic training in negotiation with your supervisors
  • To be at the forefront of world-leading, innovative research to develop the academic, professional and personal skills that will enable you to negotiate the global job market as a truly international citizen

 The Joint Monash-Warwick PhD has a three year duration, with a minimum of one year to be spent at Warwick and any one of Monash’s Australian campuses or Monash University Malaysia. The program is intended for students of very high calibre and the selection process is extremely competitive. Click here for more details

Contact at Monash:

Contact at the University of Warwick: