Proposal Guidelines

Prospective Master’s by research and PhD candidates are required to submit a research proposal with their application.

In order to assess your proposal and identify a suitable supervisory team, the Faculty of Arts would like you to submit a research proposal of three or more pages in length addressing as many of the questions listed below as possible.


Proposed title of project:

Description of proposed project:

  • What is the topic area?
  • What motivated your interest in this particular area?
  • What field or fields of knowledge does it engage with?
  • What are the key questions you wish to explore?
  • What are the aims of this project?
  • What works or materials will be involved (e.g. texts, interview data etc.)?
  • What methodologies are involved (e.g. discourse analysis, textual analysis, interviewing etc)?
  • What key thinkers or critical works are important for this topic?
  • How would you characterise the contribution to knowledge (e.g. filling a gap in the field, revising existing understandings etc)?
  • What do you see as the outcomes of this research?

Brief bibliography

This will demonstrate that you have done a preliminary search of the literature currently available in your proposed research area.