Potential supervisors and area of study list – University of Bologna Joint PhD Program

The Faculty of Arts and University of Bologna Joint PhD Program current research areas:

Bologna have indicated they are especially interested in inter-lingua-cultural projects with regard to the following languages: English,Italian,French,Spanish,German,other languages depending on the project (e.g. current supervisions include Brazilian and Portuguese).

They have a focus on Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Communication, and as long as these subjects are approached from a cross-cultural perspective also welcome dissertations on:

  • literature
  • cultural studies
  • humor studies
  • CALL
  • corpus linguistics
  • terminology
  • lexicography
 Monash University Areas and Supervisors
 University of Bologna Topic Areas


Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

 Dr Jim Hlavac

  • interpreting & translation
  • sociolinguistics
  • contact linguistics
  • bilingualism
  • has visited the University of Bologna’s Translation and Interpreting Studies campus in Forli and is familiar with their set-up for T&I

Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet

  • French studies
  • Intercultural communication competence
  • CALL
Film, media and communications

 Assoc Prof Gil Soo-Han

  • Intercultural communication

Dr Simone Murray

  • print cultures, contemporary publishing and literary sociology;
  • adaptation across media formats;
  • digital literatures and the digital literary sphere

Dr Olivia Khoo

  • Cultural theory 
  • Asian cinema and media
  • Australian cinema
  • Transnational cinema
  • Women’s cinema

Assoc Prof Deane Williams

  • Documentary film history and theory
  • Australian film and television

Assoc Prof Con Verevis

  • Film theory and criticism
  • Adaptations: remakes, sequels, trilogies
  • Bad Cinema: aesthetics, taste and politics
  • New Hollywood cinema
  • Australian cinema

A/Prof Kevin Foster

  • Representations of War and Conflict
  • War Photography
  • War and National Identity
  • War and the Media
  • Military-Media Relations

Dr Mia Lindgren
Mia speaks a number of Germanic languages which would would assist in joint supervisions: Swedish, Norwegian, German, Danish.

  • journalism with a special interest in long-form radio feature and documentary
  • community media
  • practice-led research
  • narrative storytelling
  • journalised and trauma. 
  • Also, asbestos from a public health and communications perspective
Literary and Cultural Studies

 Prof Kate Rigby

  • German studies

Prof Sue Kossew

  • new literatures in English (postcolonial/transnational Literature)
  • Australian literature
  • South African literature

Assoc Prof Chandani Lokuge

  • Postcolonial Literature – transnational studies, migration and diaspora studies
  • Postcolonial Aesthetics
  • Literary and Cultural Heritages 
  • Australian Literature
  • Creative Writing – various themes

Assoc Prof Franz-Josef Deiters

  • literary and cultural Studies (German literature, literary theory)
  • theatre studies (with a focus on the mediological aspect)
  • philosophical aesthetics (German idealism and romanticism)

Dr Benjamin Andréo

  • French literature (20th-c. literature, mainly, with a focus on avant-gardes, surrealism, poetry/poetics)
  • the interface between literature and cinema (20th-c.)
  • works closely on Breton, Artaud, Cocteau, Prigent, and interested in others in these areas
  • forthcoming project on sports/literature

Dr Axel Fliethman

  • visual culture
  • literary theory
  • aesthetic theory
  • Renaissance (text-image-relations)
  • German novel
  • rhetoric

Dr Leah Gerber

  • translation (German and English) of German literature, Australian literature and children’s literature

Dr Patrizia Sambuco

  • women writers and gender studies within Italian literature
  • Italian or comparative literature

Dr Melinda Harvey

  • women’s modernism
  • contemporary literature
  • creative non-fiction, especially the personal essay and the memoir
  • the real world uses of literature
  • the links and space between academic and mainstream literary criticism
  • medical humanities
Spanish and Latin American Studies program

Dr Paul Bowker

Dr Sarah McDonald

Dr Stewart King

Dr Carlos Uxó

All interested in participating as potential supervisors in the following fields:

  • Spanish and Latin American literature, cultural studies and cinema
  • Brazilian cinema
  • Catalan literature
  • Cuban literature
  • World literature
  • Subaltern Studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Crime/detective fiction
Theatre, Performance and Music

Dr Stuart Grant

  • humour studies
  • theatre
  • philosophy (phenomenology)