Potential supervisors and area of study list – Free University Joint PhD Program



Monash University Areas and Supervisors

Freie Universität Berlin Topic Areas and Supervisors:

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Dr Jim Hlavac

  • interpreting & translation
  • sociolinguistics
  • contact linguistics
  • bilingualism
  • German as a diaspora language
  • has studied at a German-speaking university and is familiar with the perspectives that German-based researchers adopt in the areas in which he works

Prof. Dr Friedemann Pulvermüller

  • Neurosciences of language and pragmatics

Dr Alice Gaby

  • linguistics (particularly linguistic typology) and also psycholinguistics
  • Australian Aboriginal languages
  • linguistic typology (including language universals and variation)
  • the relationship between language, culture and cognition.

Prof. Dr Phil Ferdinand von Mengden

  • Language change and theories of language change
  • Grammaticalization
  • Medieval English
  • History of the Germanic Languages
  • History of Linguistics
Literary and Cultural Studies

Prof Kate Rigby

  • German studies with both
  • and, with Berlin, Comparative Literature

Prof Sue Kossew

  • new literatures in English (postcolonial/transnational Literature)
  • Australian literature
  • South African literature

Assoc Prof Chandani Lokuge

  • Postcolonial Literature – transnational studies, migration and diaspora studies
  • Postcolonial Aesthetics
  • Literary and Cultural Heritages 
  • Australian Literature
  • Creative Writing – various themes

Assoc Prof Franz-Josef Deiters

  • literary and cultural Studies (German literature, literary theory)
  • theatre studies (with a focus on the mediological aspect)
  • philosophical aesthetics (German idealism and romanticism)

Dr Benjamin Andréo

  • French literature (20th-c. literature, mainly, with a focus on avant-gardes, surrealism, poetry/poetics)
  • the interface between literature and cinema (20th-c.)
  • works closely on Breton, Artaud, Cocteau, Prigent, and interested in others in these areas
  • forthcoming project on sports/literature

Dr Axel Fliethman

  • visual culture
  • literary theory
  • aesthetic theory
  • Renaissance (text-image-relations)
  • German novel
  • rhetoric

A/Prof Kevin Foster

  • Representations of War and Conflict
  • War Photography
  • War and National Identity
  • War and the Media
  • Military-Media Relations

Dr Leah Gerber

  • translation (German and English) of German literature, Australian literature and children’s literature

Dr Melinda Harvey

  • women’s modernism
  • contemporary literature
  • creative non-fiction, especially the personal essay and the memoir
  • the real world uses of literature
  • the links and space between academic and mainstream literary criticism
  • medical humanities

Spanish and Latin American Studies program:

Dr Paul Bowker

Dr Sarah McDonald

Dr Stewart King

Dr Carlos Uxó

All interested in participating as potential supervisors in the following fields:

  • Spanish and Latin American literature, cultural studies and cinema
  • Brazilian cinema
  • Catalan literature
  • Cuban literature
  • World literature
  • Subaltern Studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Crime/detective fiction

Prof. Dr Bernhard Huss

  • Literature, poetics and culture of the early modern period
  • French literature of the 17th century
  • Romantic literature in Italy and France
  • Contemporary Italian novel

Prof. Dr Andrew James Johnston

  • English literature / medieval and Renaissance

Prof. Dr Andreas Mahler

  • Systematic literary studies
  • Early and ‘late’ modern period
  • Comic, comedy, carnival

Prof. Dr Jutta Müller-Tamm

  • History of literature and science
  • Aesthetics and poetics of the 19th and early 20th century
  • Classic modernity
  • Contemporary literature

Prof. Dr Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis

  • Byzantium
  • Medieval history of Southeast Europe (including Judaism in this area)
  • Christian orient
  • Relationships between orthodoxy and Islam
  • Contact with neo Greek studies, Southeast European history (at the Humbold university), and theology

Prof. Dr Jennifer Wawrzinek

  • Romanticism
  • Postmodernism
  • Ecocriticism
  • Postcolonial studies (including transnational studies, migration and diaspora studies)
Theatre, Performance and Music

Dr Sarah Collins

  • musicology
  • late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century music aesthetics and criticism, especially in the British context
  • has no German language proficiency

Dr Stuart Grant

  • humour studies
  • theatre
  • philosophy (phenomenology)

Dr William Peterson

  • intercultural performance
  • intercultural and transnational/transcultural performance
  • Asian performance
  • religious performance
  • performance and spectacle

Dr Paul Watt

musicology , specifically

  • 19th century: popular music, and music criticism
  • 19th and early 20th century ideas of nationalism, and theories of biography (musical and literary)

Prof. Dr Isa Wortelkamp

  • Theory and aesthetics of dance, theatre and performance
  • Performance and movement analysis
  • Interrelation of picture and movement
  • Dance photography from 1900-1920
  • Site-specific-performance

Dr Mark Kelly

  • recent French philosophy, particularly its political aspect

Dr Rob Sparrow

  • philosophy,
  • political philosophy
  • applied ethics
  • bioethics

Dr Michael Ure

  • philosophy
  • German philosophy
  • studied German philosophy at Heidelberg University as a PhD student

Prof. Dr Georg W. Betram

  • aesthetics
  • language philosophy
  • theory of self-confidence
  • theory of normativity and rationality
  • social ontology
  • German idealism (in particular Hegel)
  • 20th century and contemporary philosophy

Prof. Dr Stefan Gosepat

  • Metaethics
  • Moral philosophy, ethics
  • Political theory and philosophy
Film, media and communications

Dr Andrea Baker

interested in programs in musicology, arts and media Management

  • has spent some time at Freie Uni in Berlin (April 2013) working on a Global Music Cities project, comparing Berlin with Melbourne as music cities
  • was in contact with staff from the Musicology department at Freie Uni; and worked with staff from the Arts and Media Management department
  • is currently writing up Global Music Cities as a book and a research grant.

research interests are:

  • music cultures
  • journalism
  • technologies
  • creative cities
  • political economy
  • media audience research

Dr Con Verevis

  • Film theory and criticism
  • Adaptations: remakes, sequels, trilogies
  • Bad Cinema: aesthetics, taste and politics
  • New Hollywood cinema
  • Australian cinema

Dr Simone Murray

  • print cultures, contemporary publishing and literary sociology;
  • adaptation across media formats;
  • digital literatures and the digital literary sphere

Dr David Holmes

  • Social Media: Blogging, Microblogging, Social Networking
  • Climate Change Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Urban Media Cultures
  • Communications Theory
  • Audience Theory

Dr Olivia Khoo

  • Cultural theory
  • Asian cinema and media
  • Australian cinema
  • Transnational cinema
  • Women’s cinema

Assoc Prof Deane Williams

  • Documentary film history and theory
  • Australian film and television

Dr Therese Davis

  • Indigenous media
  • Cross-cultural film and television
  • Post colonialism and film
  • Australian cinema

Assoc Prof Con Verevis

  • Film theory and criticism
  • Adaptations: remakes, sequels, trilogies
  • Bad Cinema: aesthetics, taste and politics
  • New Hollywood cinema
  • Australian cinema

Assoc Prof Kevin Foster

  • Representations of War and Conflict
  • War Photography
  • War and National Identity
  • War and the Media
  • Military-Media Relations.

Dr Mia Lindgren

  • Storytelling and social impact
  • Journalism and trauma
  • Asbestos and health communications
  • Radio feature documentary production and history
  • Community media
  • Practice-led research