Languages, Culture and Intercultural Communication program of University of Bologna, and Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Joint Award PhD Program

The University of Bologna is probably the first University in the western world with history dating back to the 11th Century and is among Monash’s priority partners. Monash and Bologna share research strengths in the area of translation and intercultural studies and the programmes support existing activities by bringing supervising academics closer together.  The partnership gives a significant boost to international research collaboration in interdisciplinary studies in translation, languages and cultures. For the students, it provides valuable exposure to two different research environments, cultures and sets of resources.


The Joint Award PhD Program with the Languages, Culture and Intercultural Communication program of University of Bologna, Italy was established in 2011 to broaden the scope of research programs, to provide a unique learning experience for candidates in an overseas environment, and to promote and intensify cooperation between the two institutions.  The program is available for up to two students from Monash and two students from the University of Bologna each year.


The Joint Award Thesis Agreement outlines the general conditions for candidature and examination, including the oral examination which will take place at either Monash or Bologna.  Monash candidates may choose to travel to Bologna for the examination process if they can confirm the availability of funds to do so.  Alternatively the Monash candidate may complete the process via video-conference from Monash.


The thesis shall normally be written in English where Monash is the home institution, and in either Italian or English, or a third language as permitted by Bologna, and agreed by Monash, where Bologna is the home institution.  A 500-word summary abstract will also be prepared in either English or in Italian, as per the terms of the Joint Award Thesis Agreement.  The oral defence of the thesis shall be in the language of the home institution of the student.


On successfully completing the examination process the two universities will jointly award the degree with two separate testamurs.  The University of Bologna will award the degree with the title of Dottore di Ricerca in Languages, Cultures and Intercultural Communication.  The degree awarded by the University of Bologna will be written in Italian.  Monash University will award the degree with the title of Doctor of Philosophy.  The degree awarded by Monash will be written in English.  The testamur is completed with the statement, “This award was pursued under a Joint PhD program between Monash University and University of Bologna.


Potential supervisors and area of study list.

Contact details for more information on the Joint Award PhD program:
Contacts for Monash University:
Contacts for Bologna University:
  • Prof Delia Chiaro,Professor of English Language and Translation,Department of Interpreting and Translation 
  • Prof Marcello Soffritti, Professor of German Language and Linguistics, Department of Interpreting and Translation
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