Graduate Research Funding

The Faculty of Arts provides funding to graduate research students to offset the reasonable costs that may be incurred in implementing the research design or disseminating the findings of a student’s research. Funding is intended to support research-related expenditure as approved by the Program Director and otherwise not available through Monash Graduate Education.

What is funded?

Applications for funding can be made at any time during candidature:

  • Masters students can apply for up to a maximum of $2,000 during candidature (i.e. 2 years full-time equivalent)
  • Doctoral students can apply for up to a maximum of $4,000 during candidature (i.e. 4 years full-time equivalent)

Common funding approvals include, but are not limited to, conference registrations, publications, accommodation expenses while on approved study away, thesis proof reading and printing, performance expenses, consumable items related to your research (e.g. Postage, business cards, participant incentives etc).

Common funding exclusions include, but are not limited to, IT equipment (e.g. Laptops, computers, iPads etc), journal subscriptions and passport renewals.

Please ensure you apply for funding in advance and do not assume that funding has been approved until you have received written confirmation. Approved funding will be paid via reimbursement for incurred costs.

More detailed information is available on the Faculty of Arts Graduate Research Funding Form.