Expressing Ethics in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Who will benefit from this training?

This module is intended for Graduate Researchers in the Faculty of Arts who are preparing to submit an ethics application to the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (MUHREC). Like a grant proposal – or a journal article, or an opinion piece – an ethics application is a specific form of communication and this module is intended to assist you in making your application as clear (and uncontentious) as possible. If you need to submit an ethics application and want feedback and assistance in a friendly peer-supported environment, you may be interested in taking part in this module.


This training should be taken in conjunction with MIGR offerings on Research Integrity and human ethics. Expressing Ethics develops advanced skills in undertaking writing ethics applications in instances where qualitative or mixed methods are being used. In an interdisciplinary, peer-review format it focuses on individual applications and on meeting the requirements of MUHREC, within disciplinary contexts.

Total Hours Credit

6 hours


Four consecutive Wednesdays across March, June and August/September. See GRAMS for individual offering dates.

Start and end times



The groups are facilitated by Dr Kate Cregan, who completed her PhD at Monash in 1999. She is the author of four books; numerous journal articles and book chapters; government reports; and non-academic publications; and been the recipient of several ARC grants. She was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (Springer) 2008-2011 and is a reviewer for numerous journals, several scholarly publishers and for both the ESRC and the SSHRC. She has taught across literary studies, cultural studies, journalism, ethics and sociology; actively mentored ECR colleagues; and she has extensive experience mentoring both post-graduate students and colleagues in writing national competitive grant applications. She has coordinated the teaching of ethics within the Monash medical degree; was the Australian essayist for the Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 2011-2014; has constructed an introductory module on Ethics and Research Integrity; and has coordinated the production of an online training module for members of Australian Human Research Ethics Committees. In 2015 she became a member of MUHREC.


Face-to-face with an online component




W324, Menzies Building, 20 Chancellors Walk; Skype

Maximum attendance

12 per group

Session hours

1.5 hours, on four consecutive Wednesday afternoons, offered three times across the year in March, June and August/September. (If demand is high for any of the three offerings, extra groups may be added on an alternative day).

Register by Date

Nominations close mid-February for the March session, early May for the June session and end of July for the August/September session.


Candidates must be ready to prepare their Human Ethics application.