Postgraduate Student – Resources & Information

Postgraduate Room

The School has rooms on both the 6th and 9th floor for the use of postgraduate research studentss. The room has computers, printers, a text and image scanner and ergonomic desks and chairs. The General Office (W604) supplies printer cartridges and papers. These rooms are available for use by all postgraduate students in the School: a key can be obtained from the General Office (W604).

Student Resources, Mail & Communications

For research-related purposes, Postgraduate Students have access to:

  • Monash stationery (via General Office)
  • Fax & Mail facilities
  • Photocopiers – As the photocopiers in the Menzies Building are normally in use for administration & teaching purposes, the School provides rechargeable photocopying cards for the Library photocopiers. These cards are available from the Postgraduate Administrator.
  • Slides, maps & photographs: The school can cover reasonable costs for the production of slides, maps and photographs by the relevant services in Geography & Environmental Science.
  • Mailbox: There is a postgraduate student pigeonhole located in the Staff rooms on the 6th & 9th floors.
  • Email: It is university policy that mailing lists be linked to your Monash email account. Please ensure your regularly check your Monash account or establish a diversion to your alternative/personal email account.
  • Postgraduate students are most welcome to use the Staff Room (W614) and its facilities.
  • Please use your postgraduate representatives to convey thoughts and issues to the School as a whole.
  • Watch out for funding & conference information, seminar dates/celebrations & other events via email and the noticeboards.

Postgraduate Support Fund

The School provides financial support to postgraduate researchers as follows:

  • Prioritises activities not covered by University & Faculty schemes, such as conference registrations, accommodation, interstate fieldwork and research materials.
  • Expenses paid upon production of Receipts
  • Each postgraduate research student can apply for up to $500 per year (or pro-rata amount if part-time) from the Fund.
  • The Postgraduate Coordinator will accept applications for all relevant research claims.
  • Please note claims are annual and not retrospective
  • Please see the Postgraduate Advisor for application forms.

MRGS Postgraduate Travel Grants

  • As part of its equity program, MRGS has travel and equity access grants available to Postgraduate Students. Application forms and further information can be found here

Library Services

If you are requesting services for which costs are recovered, you may need a budget code and an authorised signature. Please contact your Supervisor or see the Postgraduate Administrator.

Induction & Later Year Seminars

  • The School runs year-long informal seminars for first and later year postgraduates.
  • These cover issues such as postgraduate resources at Monash, defining a topic, writing literature reviews, thesis writing strategies and organisation of material.
  • Please contact the Postgraduate Administrator for further information

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