Current PhD Students

Leigh McKinnon

  • Boethius and the Philosophy of Arithmetic

Fiona Marantelli

  • Reading the Apostle Paul through the insights of Contemporary theorists. Epistemologies of Resurrection: Faith , Language and Religious Discourse.

Ann Taylor

  • The Lectionary, and Intertextuality and the Bible

Lynne Reeder

  • The contribution of Franciscan principles to the debates on interdependence in a globalised world

Current MA Students

Catherine Laufer

  • Christ’s descent to the dead.

John Noyce

  • Visions of the Goddess

Michael Wong

  • The relevance of the Ricoeur-Changeux Dialogue on neuroscience and philosophy to philosophical and theological anthropology

Recently Completed Students

Stephen Curkpatrick

  • “There is nothing outside of the text, not even ‘sect'”: The literary structure of Derridean theology. (2001)

Gary Deverell

  • The Bonds of Freedom: Christian Vows in Postmodernity. (2005)

Mark Manolopoulos

  • If Creation is a Gift: Towards an Eco/theo/logical Aporetics.

Ron White

  • Religious organisations and expression in the Greco-Roman world from a sociological perspective