Be mindful at Monash

mindfulMonash is aiming to be the world’s first university with a university-wide approach to mindfulness, incorporating faculty based mindfulness programs that are embedded into the core curriculum, over the next few years.

At its root, mindfulness is the practice of paying attention. It involves a range of practices and strategies that aim to quieten the mind and release unproductive thought patterns and behaviours.

Scientifically proven to improve performance at work and study, relationships and overall wellbeing, this age old practice has been gathering increasing media attention in recent years for good reason.

Monash is already a world leader in mindfulness programs. There is currently a wide range of programs available to both staff and students to improve their resilience, performance and general health. These programs range from lunchtime drop in meditation sessions, to longer term programs rolled out over a period of weeks.

Monash is fortunate to have a range of experts and facilitators spread across its campuses who develop and deliver these courses, led by Dr Craig Hassed, Department of General Practice, and Dr Richard Chambers.

Dr Hassed is a regular speaker in Australia and internationally who is currently working to expand the range of resilience-building programs on offer. Dr Chambers is a clinical psychologist specialising in using mindfulness based therapies. Both were involved in the development and support of Smiling Mind, a not-for-profit website, and Dr Chambers has been particularly involved in developing the Smiling Mind app designed to make mindfulness widely accessible. They are also the co-authors of Mindful Learning, an excellent guidebook for using mindfulness in educational settings.

A four-hour ‘Monash Mindful Learning’ session that will incorporate learnings from this publication is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday 19 November at the Caulfield campus.

For further information on mindfulness as a practice, course details and useful resources, visit Monash’s Mindfulness Programs. Registration for the free programs is also available from this page.