Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology Research

The Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology serves to promote research relating to religion within and outside the School of Historical Studies.Peter HowardConstant Mews and Clare Monagle all research themes relating to religion and society in the medieval and renaissance periods, collaborating in this with members of the Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation. Constant Mews is involved in research projects relating to ethics and medieval thought as well as Islamic and conventional financial ethics. Tamara Prosic works in the area of anthropological perspectives to biblical studies, while Judy McNicoll is researching the role of rituals relating to death in contemporary Australian society.

In the Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Roland Boer researches and supervises students in the area of biblical studies and contemporary theory, while Kate Rigby researches and supervises in the field of religion, ecospirituality and ecocriticism. There is also a developing interest in Islamic studies.

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