Welcome to the Reading Coetzee’s Women conference website


Conference dates:
27-29 September 2016

Confirmed Participants/Keynotes:
Professor J. M. Coetzee  (University of Adelaide)

Professor David Attwell (University of York)
Professor Derek Attridge (University of York)
Professor Elleke Boehmer (University of Oxford)
Professor Carrol Clarkson (University of Amsterdam)

Conference Outline:
There has been enormous international scholarly interest in J.M Coetzee’s writings in recent years. Since 2009 alone, four major international conferences (Sydney, Wuhan, Leeds and Adelaide) have been held and two biographies/literary biographies, ten monographs and over three hundred articles have been published on his work. Despite this, very little has been written on what we are calling, as a deliberate provocation, ‘Coetzee’s women’: on his female narrators and characters or on the women writers who have influenced him, been drawn on by him and have been compared with him. This three-day international conference asks preeminent and emerging scholars to bring their attention to bear on ‘Coetzee’s women’, broadly conceived, as well as possible reasons for the lack of sustained critical engagement with this theme until now.

Professor Sue Kossew (Monash)
Dr Melinda Harvey (Monash)

Possible paper topics include:

  • Female ventriloquism
  • Love, sex and desire
  • Mothers and daughters
  • The woman writer
  • Women’s silence and storytelling
  • Female mentors and carers
  • Violence against women
  • Youth and aging
  • Women and race
  • Beauty
  • Coetzee and Gordimer
  • Women and power
  • Coetzee on women’s writing
  • Feminist and queer readings of Coetzee’s writings

An intended outcome of this conference will be an edited volume of scholarly essays.

This event is kindly sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, Monash University.