The Institute for Public History aims to raise community awareness of the importance of history and heritage by promoting events and publications (both online/print) that foster public knowledge of history. The role of the Institute for Public History is to engage in community engagement programs that strengthen the links between historians inside and outside the university, and to create closer ties between professional historians, alumni, and a wider, interested public.

Specifically, it will:

  • develop collaborative initiatives such as public events, such as lectures, symposia, and collaborative research, with a range of cultural institutions, societies and groups;
  • run conferences and other activities devoted to anniversaries and events of historical significance, wherever possible in conjunction with other history organisations;
  • offer expert commentary on matters of historical interest, especially in relation to heritage, remembrance, history-making, and the relationships between history and contemporary issues;
  • Support the publications of historians working within Monash University and in our partner organisations and support the production of histories of businesses, schools, government departments and instrumentalities, public and community institutions, biographies, histories and briefing papers on issues of contemporary interest;
  • seek to ensure publication and wide distribution of public history, through both traditional and non-traditional forms of publication;
  • foster the publication, through Monash University ePress or through other publishers, of high-quality historical work in public history and related areas;
  • seek funding from philanthropic or other sponsoring bodies to support its activities;
  • work closely with other relevant historical bodies;
  • offer models, mentoring, and other assistance to groups and individuals engaged in producing public history, including local and family history;
  • work with alumni of the Department of History and of the former School of Historical Studies to promote its aims.