Scandalous Economics: New book edited by Aida Hozić and Jacqui True

9780190204242A new book, Scandalous Economics: Gender and the Politics of Financial Crises, edited by Aida A. Hozic and Jacqui True, is due to be released in March 2016.

Scandalous Economics builds upon the Occupy movement and other critical analysis of the Global Financial Crisis to comprehensively examine gendered material, ideational and representational dimensions that have served to make the crisis and its effects, ‘the new normal’ in Europe and America as well as Latin America and Asia.

The book seeks to:

  • Survey the landscape of the ongoing globalised financial crisis and its consequences from the perspective of gender and feminist theory
  • Break new ground by arguing that normalisation of the current economic order in the face of its obvious breakdown(s) has been facilitated precisely by co-opting feminist and queer perspectives into the language of policy responses to the crisis
  • Demonstrate how feminist political economy analysis contributes important insights to the critical enterprise in the fields of International Political Economy (IPE) and International Relations
  • Analyse scandals, media narratives and popular culture as THE gendered texts of the economic crisis

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