Monash Gender Peace and Security secures Linkage Grant

In a success for Monash Arts research, the Gender, Peace and Security Initiative has recently secured a major ARC Linkage Grant.

GPSThe three year project, “Towards Inclusive Peace: Monitoring Gender Provisions of Peace Agreements”, will investigate how peace agreements can advance women’s rights and participation after post-conflict and political transitions.

The project team, led by Professor Jacqui True, includes Dr Nicole George; Dr Katrina Lee-Koo; Dr Sara Davies; Dr Barbara King; and Ms Sally Moyle. The industry partner on this grant is the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Women’s participation in peace processes increases the likelihood of a successful peace agreement, but does it consolidate peace and lead to greater participation by women in the governance of the country? This project examines the relationship between women’s presence in the processes of peacemaking, the inclusion of women’s rights and gender provisions in peace agreements, and the outcomes for women’s participation in post-conflict governance of countries with successful peace agreements. Post-conflict and political transitions are major opportunities to advance women’s rights and participation: this project investigates how those opportunities can be harnessed and supported in implementation of peace agreements.

Important new findings will be generated on the impact of gender provisions of peace agreements on women’s participation in key areas of high relevance for Australian national interests in promoting global stability and peace.

It will offer strategic value at three levels by:

  • Providing an open-access global analysis of the relationship between peace processes and gender equality in conflict-affected societies.
  • Offering the opportunity through in-depth case studies to support and engage consular delivery of assistance in aid programs in fragile states.>
  • Developing evidence-based research that will inform targeted aid delivery that supports women’s voice, agency and leadership.

The project is part of the Gender, Peace and Security initiative, a key focus area for Monash Arts.

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