The Study Experience in Prato


Prato, in northern Tuscany, is close to several of Europe’s most significant cities and institutions.

It is:

– 15 minutes from Florence
– 1 hour from Bologna
– 2 hours from Rome
– 3 hours from Milan

Florence airport is a fifteen-minute drive away, where short flights can be taken to most major cities in Europe.

Prato is on the major north-south railway line in Italy that links Rome with Milan, Turin, Munich and beyond.

The experience

Student partcipating in Archaeological Fieldwork, Tuscany
‘Archaeological fieldwork in Tuscany’, July 2010.
This image shows students working on the excavation of Pietramarina, an Etruscan walled settlement dated from around the 7th century BCE to the early imperial Roman period.
"Taking a subject through the Prato Centre is something I will remember forever.
Studying overseas taught me that there are so many more ways to learn than just sitting in a lecture theatre.
Being so fully immersed really inspires you to learn all that you can and more.
I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Sarah Rathjen, majors in Archaeology & Ancient History & Linguistics, Bachelor of Arts

"Studying Criminology in Prato was the highlight of my undergraduate degree.
Lectures facilitated by eminent international scholars were not only interesting and informative but also inspirational.
Studying in Prato should be on every criminology student's "must do" list."

Chris, Bachelor of Arts