Accommodation in Prato


Your accommodation in Prato is arranged by the Faculty of Arts*. Depending on the time of year, we can usually offer single or twin share options in either hostel/residence or hotel style accommodation. The accommodation is within walking distance of the Monash Prato Centre.

After your application has been endorsed by the Faculty and we have confirmed that the unit will be going ahead, we will contact you with information about the accommodation options and payment deadlines (you will pay via the Monash ecart using credit card and you will be issued a tax receipt for your records). Accommodation usually costs AUD$40-AUD$65 per night, depending on the venue and the exchange rate at the time.

Accommodation is booked from the night before your unit starts with check-out the day after your unit ends. If you require additional accommodation before or after the unit dates, you will need to arrange these extra nights with the accommodation provider directly (but only once we have confirmed your main dates).

Internet access

Please be aware that Internet connections in accommodation in Prato may not be as good as your access in Australia. However, at the Monash Prato Centre there is good wireless Internet throughout the building and you can access the study spaces at the Prato Centre 8.30am-9pm Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm Saturdays.

*Students travelling with their partner or family are expected to make their own accommodation arrangements as we cannot provide this service. Other students can also make their own arrangements if they wish (but we cannot guarantee that you would be charged Monash rates and accommodation can be difficult to find during the European summer months in particular). If you plan to book your own accommodation, please let us know as early as possible and please note that your accommodation must be located in Prato and you will need to advise us of its name and address.

Some of the accommodation available in Prato

Al Duomo Apartment House

The Al Duomo Apartment House offers several twin share studio apartments. The apartments are located 2min walking distance from the Monash Prato Centre. Breakfast is included (served at nearby Hotel Flora, which owns these apartments).

Art Hotel Milano

Art Hotel Milano is located along the river in the heart of Prato, approximately 10min from the Monash Prato Centre.  The hotel regularly hosts exhibitions by local artists and is involved in cultural initiatives.  Rooms are standard twin share hotel rooms, with no cooking facilities. Breakfast is included.

Calamai Riverside Apartments

Calamai Riverside Apartments are just outside the town walls, about a 15min walk to the Monash Prato Centre.  The apartments are located in a building which housed one of the oldest textile mills in Prato.  All apartments have a kitchenette, bathroom and are twin or triple share.

Hotel Flora

Hotel Flora is located in the historical centre of Prato just a couple of streets away from the Monash Prato Centre.  All rooms have a private bathroom and may be single or twin share. A couple of rooms have access to a kitchenette (it may not be in the room itself).  Breakfast is included.

Hotel Giardino

Hotel Giardino is located right near Piazza Duomo, the main cathedral square, in the heart of the historic centre of Prato. It is 5min walking distance from the Monash Prato Centre. The hotel offers twin and triple share rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Breakfast is included.

Magnolfi Nuovo hostel

Magnolfi Nuovo is a former orphanage and has recently been restored as a cultural centre and hostel. It is a beautiful historic building and it is within 10 minutes walk of the Monash Prato Centre. The hostel has single rooms with shared bathrooms. There are quiet study spaces, lounge areas, and a communal kitchen and laundry. Breakfast is included.

Residence Manassei

Residence Manassei is located in the historical centre close to the Monash Prato Centre and offers twin or triple share apartments with great views.  Some of the apartments are studio apartments where the beds are in the main living/kitchen area. A roof-top terrace is the perfect place to share meals and view the countryside.  Each apartment has a kitchenette and one bathroom. There are communal laundry facilities.

Residence Wall Art

Residence Wall Art is located near Prato’s Bisenzio River and the Prato Centrale train station. It is 15-20min walking distance from the Monash Prato Centre. It offers twin and triple share studio and other apartments, with kitchenettes. The studio apartments do not have Internet access.