• Centre for Australian and Postocolonial Writing initiates, promotes and assists scholarly research and creative writing in any field that may be included within the milieus of Australian and/or postcolonial literary theory and practice. Our particular focus is on cutting-edge applications of latest theoretical and philosophical concepts to works of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction by current and contemporary Australian writers and writers from outside of Australia whose writing has a strong postcolonial, diasporic and transnational dimension. We aim to engage with and produce writings and scholarship that deal with new political, cultural, social and aesthetic possibilities. 

    Centre for Australian and Postcolonial Writing brings together researchers and practitioners in the following areas:

    • Indigenous Australian writing
    • Contemporary Australian literature
    • Contemporary South African writing
    • Creative non-fiction and new life writings
    • Contemporary Australian poetry
    • Asian-Australian fiction
    • Continental theory and its application to literary studies
    • Creative writing theory and practice
    • New Australian writers
    • Radical political, postcolonial and feminist writings
    • Diaspora studies
    • Politics and aesthetics
    • Ecocriticism and ecopoetics