Dr Samanthi Gunawardana appointed to HealthWest Expert Advisory Panel on workforce mutuality

Dr Samanthi Gunawardana has recently been appointed member of the HealthWest Partnership Expert Advisory Panel on Workforce Mutuality. The HealthWest Partnership uses the concept of workforce mutuality to describe the extent to which the diversity of an organisation or a sector’s workforce reflects the diversity of the community. The HealthWest Partnership is committed to  achieving workforce mutuality in the health and community sectors across the western region of Melbourne, one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) regions in Australia, in order to improve access, equity, health and wellbeing outcomes for diverse communities. 

The Expert Advisory Panel  has two main functions, the first to develop a set of Workforce Mutuality ‘standards’ to guide health and community organisations, and second, to develop a data collection mechanism to collect baseline data and measure progress and outcomes against the standards into the future. The ‘standards’ will enable organisations to self-assess their practices against indicators of good practice and track their progress over time.

Samanthi brings strong expertise to the Advisory Panel with her experience as Lecturer in Gender and Development at Monash University, membership of Monash Gender, Peace and Security and from her research interests on gender, employment and labour in the global economy. She also has an academic background in diversity related areas of teaching including Human Resource Management and Employment Relations at Griffith University in Queensland and Diversity Management at the Pennslyvania State University and Melbourne University. She has also been on the Management Committee of the Queensland Working Women’s Service which seeks to empower diverse women in the workplace.