International Relations

International Relations is a sub-set of Politics. It explores such matters as war and peace, global economic management, international rules & organisations, foreign policy, the evolution of ethics in a global context, dealing with ‘failed’ and ‘rogue’ states, terrorism and the responses to it. Thus International Relations looks both at specific issues in some detail as well as the ‘big-picture’ of how the global political system works and is developing.

We offer several undergraduate units as well as a postgraduate course-work program (primarily the Master of International Relations… see the video below) It is possible to engage in International Relations from first-year right through to Honours and beyond. The following is a sample of the units taught:

  • Introduction to international relations
  • Foreign policies of the great & emerging powers
  • Crisis zone: the international relations of the Middle East
  • Arms control & world politics
  • Washington & world politics
  • Power & injustice in world politics
  • Ethics in world politics
  • International political economy
  • Strategic studies
  • Issues in global politics

In addition, International Relations staff are active researchers and available to supervise a diverse range of honours and post-graduate dissertations and theses.


More about the Master of International Relations…