Fay Gale Lecture 2014 ‘Winning the War on War but Losing the Battle: A Feminist Perspective on Global Violence’

building-h-caulfield-mapDate/Time: Tue 03 Jun / 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Room H1.26, H Building Caulfield Campus, Monash University

The Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, together with Monash University, presents the 2014 Fay Gale Lecture ‘Winning the War on War but Losing the Battle: a Feminist Perspective on Global Violence’.

Despite claims that violence is in decline around the globe, the cross-national International Violence against Women Survey reports that females still experience high levels of physical and sexual violence. In fact, research that makes the case for the declining levels of global violence has almost completely ignored evidence of gendered violence, which remains highly prevalent throughout the world.

On Tuesday 3rd of June, Jacqui True, Professor of Politics and International Relations at Monash University, will analyse global violence from a feminist perspective, challenging declinist views and furthering our understanding of the causes, justifications and consequences of violence against women.

For more information and to register, go to https://www.assa.edu.au/events/lectures/gale/2014