Australian Government and Politics

There is more to politics than guns and death. When the shooting stops, civil governance has to start. In fact most countries, most of the time, are at peace. A truly well-rounded Politics graduate must have an understanding of civil governance. The study of Australian government and politics provides the pathway to obtaining this critically important expertise.

Elections. Parliaments. Constitutions. Political parties. All of these are integral to the government of liberal democracies, and the political struggle that occurs amongst the citizenry to find ways to govern their communities.

Australia is one of the world’s oldest liberal democracies. It is an ideal model for the study of electoral contests, the role of the legislature, the way in which a Westminster system of parliamentary governance works, and the difficulties that confront governments as they try to make national policy in a federal system.

Australian government is one of the ‘streams’ of study offered by the Politics & International Relations section at Monash. A suite of subjects is available starting with the first year Australian Politics and Government unit, includes Second and Third year units that allow for the study of political parties and party systems, the politics of the media in Australia, public policy-making, Australia’s political economy, and the role of leaders in Australian politics, and culminates for Honours students with the Australian National Government unit offered at Fourth year.

Monash University also participates in the Victorian Parliamentary Internship program that allows 3rd year students the opportunity to study in the Victorian Parliament (only available to students who have completed the ‘Australian Politics and Government’ unit).

Monash University Politics staff includes some of the leading scholars and commentators on Australian politics who have published widely in the field and can be heard or read across Australia’s media whenever a major event occurs in national or state politics.