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The Politics and International Relations program is part of the School of Social Sciences within the Arts Faculty of Monash University; it is based on the Clayton and Caulfield campuses. We offer undergraduate, Honours and postgraduate degrees.

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Many subjects are available for study and there’s a range of expertise available for supervision. Numerous careers are potentially open to Politics graduates.

A key issue in Politics (of which International Relations is a sub-set) is the study of power. Where does power come from, who has it, and how does it affect who gets what? Politics is also very concerned with ‘values’, which are special types of ideas — such as freedom, democracy, equality and security. What do such ideas really mean, and how can we achieve them in practice?

Within this setting, Politics covers a vast spread of more specific issues. These include the following examples: elections and public opinion; terrorism and the responses to it; foreign policy; globalisation; the role of the media; and Canberra’s place in managing the Australian economy. Many more topics can be added to this list.

At Monash four broad areas of politics are particularly well represented, with each offering a range of units for study:

Program Convenor: Associate Professor Paul Strangio

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  • How did the Taliban come back so successfully from utter defeat? Prof. Farrell draws on the literatures on civil wars and on military adaptation, to identify and unpack of two sets of factors that explain relative success of insurgencies: first are the availability of social resources, and second are factors that drive and enable military adaptation. Read more

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