Learning activity attendance and participation procedures

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Assessment in Coursework Units Policy [University]

A. Learning Activity Attendance
B. Attendance and Participation Assessment

A. Learning Activity Attendance

  1. The Faculty has a standard minimum attendance requirement of scheduled learning activities of 75% as a part of each unit; i.e. attendance at learning activities in nine weeks in an ordinary twelve-week teaching semester.
  2. Whilst attendance at lectures cannot be mandated, it is strongly recommended that students attend lectures.These procedures cover all other learning activity types. Chief examiners may set more stringent attendance requirements for some or all learning activities, as appropriate for the unit offering and learning outcomes (e.g., in a unit taught intensively, or for a crucial learning activity within the semester).
  3. Unit coordinators and chief examiners should exercise discretion in scheduling more stringent or compulsory attendance at particular learning activities.
  4. Where learning activities are liable to involve additional costs for students and where attendance at those activities is compulsory, this must be clearly indicated to students in the unit guide. Where possible, compulsory activities with additional costs should be avoided in gateway, cornerstone, and capstone units.
  5. Students unable to attend classes should lodge an apology via email or telephone. Absences may be excused, and no attendance penalty applied, for documented reasons of acute illness, bereavement, trauma or hardship, jury duty, military or other service obligations, etc. Students should file a special consideration application for such cases, within two University working-days of the learning activity for which they were absent.
  6. Information on attendance requirements and assessment must be provided to students in the unit guide, including: requirements for attendance (including more stringent attendance requirements, if used); attendance weighting for assessment and criteria for assessment of learning activity participation (if used); penalties for failure to meet attendance requirements (see B1, below).

Responsibility: Chief examiners, unit coordinators, students.

B. Attendance and Participation Assessment

  1. Should a student fail to fulfil attendance requirements of a unit, one of the following penalty of 20% to final mark and grade; maximum possible mark and grade is 50 P; failure of unit. Students must apply for special consideration no later than two University working-days after the learning activity in order to avoid a penalty.
  2. Tutorial participation may form part of the assessment regime for a unit. Information, including information on criteria for assessment of participation, should be provided as per usual assessment requirements.

Responsibility: Chief examiners, unit coordinators.

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Approved: Arts Education Committee 07-2018