Supplementary assessment procedures

Parent regulations:

Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations


A. Eligibility for supplementary assessment

Supplementary assessment is additional assessment given to students who have completed all required assessment for a unit but failed to obtain a pass grade. This may include an examination or any other form of assessment.

  1. A student is eligible for supplementary assessment, if:
    1. the student is listed in the report run from Callista, BOE eligibility for supplementary assessment, for the relevant assessment calendar and year; and,
    2. The student is enrolled into their final semester of a course owned by Arts; and,
    3. the student’s final mark for a unit is between 45 and 49; and,
    4. The student has not received an NS grade more than once previously in their course; and
    5. The student does not have any interim grades (WH etc.) outstanding; and
    6. a pass in the unit of study would complete all academic requirements for the student’s course (for a student enrolled in a single course managed by the Faculty of Arts); or,
    7. a pass in the unit of study would complete all academic requirements for the Arts component of the student’s course (for a student enrolled into a double degree).
  2. In exceptional cases, the Faculty Board of Examiners may waive A.1.6/A.1.7, and grant supplementary assessment if they are convinced that failure in the unit will significantly impact the student’s enrolment in the following semester.
  3. The failed unit must have been attempted in the previous twelve months.

Responsibility: Students; Faculty Board of Examiners.

B. Award of supplementary assessment

  1. The Faculty Board of Examiners will consider all eligible students and will award supplementary assessment to students enrolled in Arts-owned courses, as it deems fit.
  2. The student will then receive supplementary assessment in the following instances:
    1. For any student enrolled into a Psychology unit that reports to the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (MNHS), including units taught at Monash South Africa, the student will receive an NS on the recommendation of MNHS;
    2. For any student, they will receive an NS grade if they have 24 points or less of their course left to complete, and successful completion of the NS unit would permit the student to complete their course.
  3. Where the student is enrolled in a double degree, the Board of Examiners must consult the Board of Examiners of the managing faculty for the student’s course before granting supplementary assessment.
  4. Upon awarding of supplementary assessment by the Faculty Board of Examiners, the Faculty shall notify the unit-teaching faculty.
  5. Supplementary assessment (including type and method of assessment) is determined by the chief examiner of the unit for which that interim grade has been awarded. The content, question formats and level of the examination papers should remain consistent, and there must be sufficient variation in the papers to maintain the integrity of the assessment process.
  6. The maximum final mark and grade that can be awarded for the unit after supplementary assessment has been completed is 50P.
  7. The interim NS grade is finalized by the unit-teaching faculty, using a post-BOE result amendment form as per ordinary procedures.
  8. Supplementary Assessment grades must be converted to a final grade no later than the date when Supplementary and Deferred Examination results for that teaching period are published.  In exceptional circumstances, the Dean (or delegate) of a faculty may extend the period of time for the conversion of a NS grade to a final grade.

Responsibility: Students; Arts Student Services staff; Faculty Board of Examiners; Chief examiners.



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