Course and unit enrolment procedures

Parent policy

 Enrolment policy (University)


A. Enrolment and course requirements

B. Variation to study requirements and permission to enrol

C. Preclusions

A. Enrolment and course requirements

  1. Course requirements for courses owned or co-taught by the Faculty of Arts are set out in the Handbook. Students are responsible for planning to meet course requirements, alongside requirements for majors, minors, and additional studies. Course and enrolment advice is available via Arts Student Services.
    1. Students who have received credit for previous study from another tertiary institution or for recognition of prior learning are advised to seek enrolment advice from Arts Student Services.
  2. Except with the permission of the Dean, students are not permitted to complete more than 24 points of study in any semester in their first year of enrolment.
  3. Except with the permission of the Dean, acting on advice from the Head of School or Centre, students are not permitted to repeat a unit which they have previously failed twice.
  4. A unit may count only towards one area of study, for the purpose of meeting course requirements (except as described in the Handbook entry for the course). This is the case even when the unit is listed against two or more areas of study.
  5. For any area of study managed by the Faculty of Arts, a student who successfully completes a unit is not permitted to re-enrol into the unit (e.g., via single unit enrolment) in order to improve their mark and grade.
    1. For students completing studies in psychology, please see information provided by the School of Psychological Sciences (Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences).

Responsibility: Students; Faculty course advisors and professional staff; Heads of Schools; Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

B. Variation to study requirements and permission to enrol

  1. The Handbook lists areas of study, and identifies gateway, cornerstone, capstone, and elective units in an area of study.
  2. Students may seek permission from the Faculty for a variation to study requirements: e.g., to treat a unit from one area of study as though it were an elective in a cognate area. Students wishing to file a variation to study requirements should contact Arts Student Services for further advice.
  3. Students must meet prerequisites for enrolment into a given unit. (Typically, failure to meet prerequisites will mean that students cannot self-enrol into the unit via WES.)  Where the student does not meet prerequisites, they may seek permission to enrol from the unit coordinator. Students seeking permission to enrol into a unit should first seek advice from Arts Student Services.
  4. Please note that seeking a variation to study requirements is independent of seeking permission to enrol. A variation to study requirements is granted by the convenor of the relevant major or area of study. Permission to enrol is granted by the unit coordinator. A student may be permitted to enrol into a unit for which they lack prerequisites, without being thereby permitted to count the unit towards a particular area of study. Likewise, students may be permitted to count a unit towards some area of study, without being able to enrol into the unit for which the variation has been granted.

Responsibility: Students; academic staff; professional staff.

C. Preclusions

  1. Where a student has failed to complete a sufficient number of third-year units in their major or area of study, the Faculty may permit the student to apply for a preclusion, in order to treat a second-year unit as though it were a third-year unit, for the purpose of meeting major and course requirements.
    1. In rare and extreme circumstances, the Dean or the Associate Dean (Education) may grant permission for students to seek a preclusion other than for reasons outlined above.
  2. A student may only apply for a preclusion to treat a second-year unit as though it were a third-year unit, and may only do this if the unit has been taught at a third-year level.
  3. The granting of a preclusion is at the discretion of the unit coordinator, who may require that the student complete additional assessment in order to have the preclusion granted.
  4. The preclusion must be requested by the student in writing from the unit coordinator. Written approval to grant the preclusion must be provided by the student to Arts Student Services staff.
  5. The preclusion can only be processed by Arts Student Services staff once the student has successfully completed the second-year unit, and has had a final mark and grade awarded by the University for that unit.
  6. The preclusion is recorded as follows: the student’s transcript will record successful completion, with final mark and grade, of the second-year version of the unit; the student’s transcript will record an exemption for the unit, with no mark or grade, for the third-year version of the unit.

Responsibility: Students; unit coordinators; Arts Student Services staff.

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