The Faculty of Arts sets procedures and guidelines for assessment in line with the University’s assessment policies and procedures.


  • These procedures give details of Faculty requirements for assessment in Faculty-owned units. This includes information on assessment regimes (including marking criteria and rubrics), hurdle requirements, provision of information in Handbook and unit guides, and return of feedback and assessment items. Read more
  • These procedures detail extensions to assessment deadlines, late submission penalties, and procedures for handling special consideration and long-term illness or disability. Read more
  • These procedures provide information on review and remarking of assessment items, and information on requirements for the verification of fail mark and grades for a unit. Read more
  • For information regarding Faculty of Arts procedures related to Boards of Examiners–including meeting dates, supporting documentation, and grade distribution procedures–please see the Faculty of Arts Board of Examiners intranet page (staff login required). The Faculty’s BOE procedures can be found via the Faculty of Arts procedures intranet page (staff login required).   Read more
  • These procedures identify research content in all Faculty of Arts graduate coursework degrees, and detail assessment procedures for research content. Read more
  • These procedures give details of the honours degree of the Bachelor of Arts, including information about enrolment, assessment, course structure, and grievances. Read more
  • This procedure details the Faculty’s management of requests for supplementary assessment. Read more
  • These procedures outline the Faculty requirements and expectations around attendance at teaching activities (tutorials, lectures, seminars, etc.). Details are given of minimum attendance requirements, provision of information to students, and penalties for failure to meet attendance requirements. Read more

Supporting policies, procedures, and resources: